Shopify Radio Talk: Build My Online Store Podcast

By Cesar Beltran

Brace your ears, folks! I was fortunate enough to be interviewed by gracious host Terry Lin at the Build My Online Store podcast earlier this week. Terry is very well organized, laser-focused, and his interview topics range from startups to designers to food-based entrepreneurs. If you’re keen to learn more about Shopify, you can listen to the interview here.

Topics covered:

  • Shopify’s angle from a developer’s standpoint
  • The engine of Shopify – Liquid
  • Getting your feet wet with trial and error customization
  • Common design mistakes new store make
  • Why you should put yourself in the users’ shoes
  • The best places to put your buy button (s)
  • Paths of store design – free, paid, and custom themes
  • Ballpark cost of free paid, and custom themes
  • Cost/benefit analysis of a fully customized store design
  • Tips for cart abandonment optimization and shipping disclosure
  • Should customers create a user for purchase?
  • Pros/Cons of Shopify and what they can improve upon
  • Selling information products on the Shopify platform
  • Switching between eCommerce platforms

Here’s the link again:

Happy listening!

– Tristan (Founder)


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