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Your Reputation is Important to Us!

Our team crafts unique and modern online store designs that not only attract visitors but also convert them into loyal customers. By leveraging our expertise in developing stunning Shopify eCommerce stores, we ensure your brand stands out, boosting your sales and enhancing your business reputation online. With us, your customers will enjoy an exceptional online shopping experience.

Our Process To Deliver You a Stunning Shopify Store - 3 Easy Steps

* Review your Store’s Vision & Requirements
* We Analyze  your Requirements
* Provide a Detailed Proposal

* Design Mocks w/Brand Guidelines
* Expert Developers bring your vision to life
* We conduct QA/QC Devices/Browsers
* Optimize Mobile/Speed Performance

* We Deliver Store On Time & Budget
* Provide Support & Training
* Remain available for Ongoing Support


Judith Leiber - Video Review of BlackbeltCommerce

We're excited to share a special video review from Judith Leiber's executives, highlighting the excellence of our work. Their first-hand testament is a powerful endorsement of our commitment to delivering unmatched Shopify Web Design, Development, SEO, and Ongoing Support Service with great results.

Judith Leiber is a luxury brand renowned for its distinctive handcrafted clutch bags. Founded in 1963 by Judith Leiber, a Hungarian-born American fashion designer. They offer a wide variety of unique high-end clutches, handbags, miniatures, and accessories.

Review From one Of Our Clients -

Picture this: The executives of Judith Leiber NY, Jana, and Maryann, raving about their Shopify website. Why? Because we've been their digital architects since day one. We didn't just design and develop their site - we've nurtured it, refined it, and tailored it to perfection. This isn't your run-of-the-mill Shopify store, it's a fully customized online experience, a testament to the trust and partnership we've built with our incredible clients. Our journey with Judith Leiber NY is more than a success story, it's a celebration of collaboration and innovation.


Our Success Stories

Fully Custom Store - Design Develop by Blackbelt Commerce
"Blackbelt Commerce is a great team to work with. They developed a website for Judith Leiber that is beautiful and functional. They are extremely knowledgeable in terms of site design, functionality, and SEO. They guided us and educated us along the way and kept us informed of progress with weekly (sometimes even daily) phone calls. Blackbelt met all timelines and deadlines and kept within budget. They were very accommodating and responsive to changes in design and scope and would always make themselves available when issues arose.
Blackbelt has been available post-launch to ensure that we are satisfied and that the site is working as we hoped. They continue to make suggestions on ways to improve our site and customer engagement.
We would highly recommend Blackbelt Commerce for all your website needs." Please check out our other reviews.

Service for Client: Shopify SEO Program That works  - Organic Linkbuilding + Content Marketing
"I've been working with Cesar for several years and he and his team have produced excellent results for our website. Since working with him, our office's yearly gross revenue has gone from ~850k in 2018,  $1.2M in 2019, $1.8M in 2020, and to a projected $3M+ 2021. Here are some current past statistics (from 1.5 years ago)  on our website: - Health Score 92 (Green)    - Referring Domains up from 0, currently 92 - Backlinks up from 80, currently 441  -  - Organic Traffic from <100, currently > 1.5k - Health Score 92 (Green)   - Referring Domains up from 0, currently 92 - Backlinks up from 80, currently 44 - Organic Traffic from <100, currently > 1.5k - Traffic Value from <$200, currently ~$6k We've been taking advantage of their SEO package that includes Blogs, Link Building, and Referring Domains. I can't say enough good things about Blackbelt Commerce, Especially the quality of their blogs. Their writers do a huge amount of research to produce high-quality keyword articles specific to our field. I'll let the doctors review them and they are either good with everything in it or make minor changes that are specific to dental terminology. "

Service for Client:   Fully Custom Store - Design, Development, Support  for 80% of Falon's Products Customizable by her Clients "Starting this project I had a vison to completely update and redesign a 20-year-old website. Cesar and the whole team at Blackbelt Commerce agreed to help me with that vision and worked non stop to make that vision come to life! I was very demanding with all the details I wanted many of which didn't even exist on other Shopify websites! But I was never given limits on what was possible. Blackbelt Commerce problem solved and coded and created my wildest dreams. As a fully custom eCommerce company being able to offer my full product line on a customer-engaging site has changed how we operate for the better. While the process was complex I was always kept informed and knew exactly where we were on our timeline the communication and even the follow-up after we went live was the best customer service I have ever received. This is a company and a team that love what they do."

We are one of the Top Shopify Experts as rated by our clients with hundreds of customers' reviews.
We help business owners make Shopify easier to use and more profitable.


We are a team of Expert Shopify developers who are passionate about creating top-quality, professional, great-looking, easy-to-manage Shopify Online stores for all your e-commerce needs.

Yes, our passionate Shopify experts can offer fully custom solutions tailored to your specific needs and goals, providing a unique and personalized approach to e-commerce development.

Our team's expertise and passion for Shopify lead to more efficient and effective development processes, saving you time and money while delivering high-quality results.

Yes, we offer ongoing support by retainer once we complete your store. With the retained hours we provide guidance to ensure that your Shopify store continues to perform at its best and evolves with your business needs.

We ensure to stay up-to-date with the latest trends and technologies, providing you with innovative solutions to help you stay ahead in the competitive e-commerce market.

We are dedicated to continuous learning and staying informed about the latest developments in the Shopify ecosystem. We regularly attend industry events, participate in training programs, and engage with Shopify's community to ensure we are up-to-date with the latest solutions and or initiatives or new technologies.

Absolutely! We have the capability to handle large-scale e-commerce projects, providing robust solutions to meet your business needs.

BlackbeltCommerce takes a collaborative approach, working closely with clients to understand their unique business goals and brand identity. We conduct thorough consultations and gather detailed requirements to ensure that the solutions we provide are aligned with your specific business objectives and brand identity. Our passionate team of experts is dedicated to delivering solutions that reflect your brand and help achieve your e-commerce goals.

For BlackbeltCommerce client satisfaction is our TOP priority. We are committed to delivering high-quality solutions that meet and exceed your expectations. If for any reason you are NOT satisfied with our services, we will continue working until you are happy with the results.

We place strong emphasis on unique designs and the latest trends in Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) to ensure that your e-commerce Shopify Online Store not only looks great but also drives results. We utilize cutting-edge design techniques and stay updated with the latest CRO strategies to enhance user engagement and maximize revenue for our clients.

A Short Company Presentation

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We are a small team of Shopify Experts and Shopify Developers with a big vision.

Our mission is to help ambitious e-commerce store owners explode their sales and improve their businesses through clever, well-managed, conversion-driven development. A lot of potential clients Should you hire a Shopify Expert – The answer is YES  – 100% we can provide expert guidance due the entire project and we know all things Shopify.

Based on the amazing customer reviews, we are the top Shopify Agency Commerce Shopify Experts today in the Shopify Directory. When we started our business, we named ourselves Shopify Ninjas, and in 2016, we switched to Blackbelt Commerce. Today, we are a very well-established group of e-commerce developers with over 193 positive reviews from our clients. We have many big ideas, and we love to share what we learn from them. Please visit our Blog –where we constantly post great articles with eCommerce-specific knowledge. We’ve had too many favorite projects to count, but some of our clients you might know to include the Los Angeles Lakers NBA team, Deakin University (Australia’s largest University), Quad-Lock, and the Five Minute Journal.

Top Shopify Experts – and –  BigCommerce Developers At Your Service

We have partnered with both of the leading e-commerce platforms, Shopify and BigCommerce so as the top customer-Shopify Experts, highly rated web developers and web designers we have over 200+ Client Reviews whether you’re looking for help with your Shopify SEO, Customized store, Setup, Content Marketing, Blogging or an eCommerce website design, we can transform your vision into a reality.

As the most experienced Shopify Experts we can assist you with your eCommerce business with the following:

  • Shopify Theme Customization to help your store stand out from the crowd
  • Conversion rate optimization to increase your bottom line by converting existing traffic
  • Enhancing your designs to ensure you make an excellent first impression on your customers.
  • Boost your marketing efforts by targeting the right people through social media and email.
  • Position your brand to ensure you achieve the desired perception among potential customers.

Having started as Shopify Ninjas, and after we became true Shopify Experts, web e-commerce developers, and application developers, we changed our name to Blackbelt Commerce in 2016. We have great Shopify positive reviews  We have a big vision for the future and high-profile, satisfied clients ranging from the Judith Leiber, Los Angeles, Lakers NBA team to Deakin University (the largest University in Australia.) Our team of highly experienced e-commerce developers and Shopify Developers will help you take your e-commerce business to the next level.

Choose the right eCommerce platform – BigCommerce or Shopify?

“The sooner we drop the ‘e’ out of ‘e-commerce’ and just call it commerce, the better.” Bob Willett, former President of Best Buy International and CIO of Best Buy

Online commerce is rapidly becoming the business norm, and it has created a digital transformation–so whatever area of trade you are involved in, having an e-commerce store is essential. Whether you’re starting out in business or are looking to expand your operation, finding the right builder for your online enterprise is a difficult decision. For most customers, it comes down to a choice between the two leading platforms: Shopify and BigCommerce.

Both platforms make it easy to sell products, regardless of whether they are physical or digital – online. Both platforms run in a web browser. The benefit of this is that you do not need to store anything on your desktop or laptop computer. Everything is stored in the cloud, meaning you can manage your business from anywhere in the world, just so long as you have an internet connection.

Both products allow you to build your online store without needing any design or computer coding skills. You simply choose your desired look based on your favorite Shopify examples or BigCommerce themes, upload your products along with the necessary descriptions and image gallery, set your prices, and then launch your store.

Shopify & BigCommerce Theme Customiaztion by the Blackbelt Commerce Expert Developers
Mobile theme user interface customization web infographic concept vector. Suggesting People from Blackbelt Commerce painting changing interface on a theme

Both Shopify and BigCommerce employ a clean, user-friendly interface with a gentle learning curve that makes it easy for new users to get to grips with the system in almost no time at all. Although you don’t need to use a web designer when creating your Shopify or BigCommerce website, you do need an eye for good design. Furthermore, the pictures of your products also need to be of the highest possible quality if you want to ensure your store looks slick and professional.

This is where the Shopify Experts at Blackbelt Commerce comes in. As both BigCommerce partners and Shopify Partners, we can help you to refine your store, tweaking and customizing the themes or templates so that the final product is more individual and fully geared towards the specific needs of your business. Such as which theme and customization are ideal for a business’s brand.

Dazzling Web design  by the Shopify Experts

Dazzling and great web designs by the Blackbelt Commerce expert developers
Web Design Blackbelt Commerce eCommerce experts have created great designs

You only get one chance to make a first impression, so it’s important that your online store is instantly appealing to potential customers. Although there is a wide range of both free and paid for BigCommerce templates and Shopify themes to choose from, your store will benefit far more from having a custom design.

Blackbelt Commerce and their Top  Shopify Builder will Provide you with the following expertise:

    • A store that is unique and tightly focused on your brand.
    • SEO-friendly design.
    • Superior user-experience features.
    • All the additional functionality you desire.
    • SEO & Content Marketing Strategies that will ensure organic traffic

The many customization options available with the two top eCommerce platforms allow you to alter the look, feel, and functionality of your online store to suit your needs. Customization is key to having a product that stands out from the crowd.  We the Shopify experts at Blackbelt Commerce will dive into the CSS, HTML or Liquid of your theme and make the necessary changes. We will also work in other areas such as product development, advertising or marketing.

Our team can not only create what amounts to a bespoke store based on your basic platform but can also keep abreast of upgrades, bug fixes and other necessary details to keep your store running smoothly.

Customer-Centric Commerce as Shopify Experts Provide Its Clients

How Blackbelt Commerce web design experts recommend customer centric operations
This image represents what any organization should do to implement customer-centric operations

It’s also important to ensure your store is both mobile and tablet friendly as an increasing number of customers are making online purchases using such devices. Our established Shopify cheat sheet and BigCommerce developer unit enable Blackbelt Commerce to create your ideal store with ease.

It is essential to be thinking of the customer experience in every aspect of your business. Failure to do so can damage your ability to convert visitors into sales. From Shopify PayPal integration to BigCommerce support, or Shopify we can help you optimize your store to ensure customers receive the best possible experience each and every time.

“Customer service shouldn’t just be a department, it should be the entire company” Tony Hsieh, CEO of Zappos

Maximize your marketing efforts 

No matter how amazing your e-commerce store ends up looking, you won’t be able to grow your sales and build your business unless customers are able to find your store in the first place. Regardless of how amazing the products or services you sell are, your entire enterprise could fall flat if you don’t have the necessary marketing expertise.

At Blackbelt Commerce, the Shopify experts have been specialized in social media marketing – SMM, search engine optimization – SEO,  and Content Marketing & Content Strategies intended to help your business find new customers. As a business owner, we believe the best use of your time is to run the business itself. To help you do this, we can:

    • Optimize your marketing budget for maximum effectiveness.
    • Boost your Google rankings through the use of specially selected keywords, tailored especially for your BigCommerce or Shopify store.
    • Raise your level of brand recognition.
    • Update your social media channels to increase customer interaction.

The Shopify experts can also help you to extend the reach of your brand by using the Shopify affiliate app to bring more potential customers to your site. Affiliate marketing is a significant source of revenue:

Yes, as long as your product/solution/service is relevant within the target audience and niche, affiliate marketing as well as referral programs will still be a thing and profitable in 2020. The reason most affiliate marketing programs don’t work is because they’re irrelevant, too pushy or sales-y. report by Quoate

First-Class Functionality by the Best Shopify Builder s

Having a wide range of products available on your online store is great, but if your store is difficult for customers to navigate, you will be losing potential sales. Regardless of which platform you opt to choose, The Shopify experts at Blackbelt Commerce can help ensure your customers enjoy a seamless user experience by organizing your products and collections in the most optimum fashion.

From BigCommerce templates that make the journey from product page to checkout as simple as possible, to know how to send customers a Shopify discount code to encourage them to return to an abandoned shopping cart, we can add the functionality you need to optimize your conversions. Let the Shopify experts at Blackbelt Commerce help you:

    • Install the most appropriate product filters.
    • Create ideal tags and product descriptions to help customers find what they are looking for.
    • Streamline your check-out process.

Feature-Rich but Fuss-Free All Done by the top Shopify Experts 

For owners of small businesses making their first foray into the world of e-commerce, it’s all too easy to be swayed by the latest fads and trends such as the use of animation, advanced filtering, or 360-degree product views and to spend time attempting to incorporate them onto their sites. Here is one of the top  3D + 360 product rendering created by the Shopify Experts.  We can turn your store into a true 3D and AR augmented supported eCommerce store–just talk to us. Check out this great implementation–The Blackbelt Commerce Shopify experts created the 3d rendering and included in this store

While such elements may help your site appeal to some potential customers, there are a number of e-commerce features that should be higher on the list of priorities when it comes to creating a Shopify or BigCommerce that will best engage customers. Such features include:

    • User-generated reviews.
    • Related items suggestions.
    • Detailed shipping information.

Studies show that the star rating of a product is a key factor behind purchasing decisions. Although you may think products with negative reviews will suffer poor sales, this is not always the case as products with only positive reviews are often treated with suspicion as it is assumed they are fake or that negative reviews have been deliberately censored.

Wishlists not only assist customers by helping them to keep track of items they may want to purchase, but also provide valuable insights for future marketing campaigns and assist with making suggestions for related items.

A user-friendly interface that provides clear and detailed shipping information is essential if you want to minimize the chances of potential customers ending their interaction at the checkout stage and abandoning their shopping cart due to encountering unexpected costs.

The Blackbelt Commerce team can ensure your Shopify or BigCommerce site is optimized so that the most popular e-commerce features are available to all of your customers.

Instant integration 

If you have a real-world physical shop as well as an online one, we can help you to link the two, ensuring that when items are out of stock, this information is available to online buyers as soon as possible. You can also make use of POS software to replace your traditional till. You will also be able to:

    • Save time by having your inventory sync automatically.
    • See a visual timeline of sales and orders, all in one place.
    • Use your tablet device to account for cash sales in your store.

Linking your online store to the real world, either by having a permanent physical location or by having occasional pop-up stores or live events, can bring you closer to your customers and add value to their transactions.

If you do have a brick and mortar store, adding find-in-store functionality to your website is one of the most popular e-commerce features around. For some shoppers, even same-day shipping isn’t quite quick enough, and they would prefer to have the option of reserving an item and collecting it from your physical store themselves.

Unless your products are truly unique, you are likely to be competing with other companies for the same customer base. Offering genuine additional value and providing them with enhanced levels of customer experience during their transactions can provide a significant boost to your business.

“The reason it seems that price is all your customers care about is that you haven’t given them anything else to care about.” Seth Godin, Founder of, former VP of Direct Marketing at Yahoo!

Picking a SaaS Platform – Will it be Shopify or BigCommerce?

If you’re still unsure about which platform would best suit your particular e-commerce business, both Shopify and BigCommerce offer a free trial period during which you can try out many of the features to get the best possible feel for what it would be like to run your enterprise from that particular platform.

Ultimately, the choice of platform is likely to come down to personal preference in terms of themes, templates, the ease of transition to the new system based on your existing platform or specific features, and options that make either Shopify or BigCommerce a better match for your specific enterprise.

With extensive experience in both platforms, Blackbelt Commerce is ideally suited to give you the best possible advice to let you make the decision that will help your business succeed.

The Shopify  Platform

Users have a choice of five pricing plans.

    • Lite: $9 per month.
    • Basic Shopify: $29 per month.
    • Shopify: $79 per month.
    • Advanced Shopify: $299 per month.
    • Shopify Plus: variable: price on application.

It should be noted that, rather than a fully functional online store, the “Lite” plan allows users to make use of a “Shopify Button” to let them sell products online on an existing website or Facebook page. A discount is available to those users who pay the full cost of an annual plan upfront.

Shopify currently offers 10 free themes and 50 paid-for themes.

Key features of Shopify

    • No limits on store sales.
    • iOS and Android apps are available, allow you to manage your store from your smartphone or tablet easily.
    • A wider range of third-party apps.
    • Greater variety in the template design.

The BigCommerce Platform

Users have a choice of four pricing plans with discounts are available for those who choose to pay for a year’s worth of plan all in advance.

    • BigCommerce Standard: $29.95 per month.
    • BigCommerce Plus: $79.95 per month.
    • BigCommerce Pro: $249.95 per month.
    • BigCommerce Enterprise: variable: price on application.

The platform attaches monthly sales limits to each of these plans:

    • A limit of $50,000 on the standard plan.
    • A limit of $150,000 on the ‘plus’ plan.
    • A limit of $400,000 on the pro plan.

Beyond the pro plan, sales limits are negotiable and will vary according to the individual user.

The Basic BigCommerce plan includes:

    • Built-In ratings and review system.
    • Gift card options.
    • High-level reporting functionality.
    • Carrier shipping quotes delivered in real-time.

BigCommerce offers 7 free themes and 120 paid-for themes.

Key features of BigCommerce

      • No transaction fees, regardless of payment gateway.
      • Comprehensive reports are available on all plans.
      • A larger choice of product options.
      • Product data can be exported to both CSV and XML.

Large-Scale Enterprises on Shopify and BigCommerce

As Shopify experts we have working in both SaaS platforms; BigCommerce and Shopify, and they are fully scalable and make it easier to move to a higher level of functionality as your business grows.  Once your company reaches stellar levels of success, both platforms will offer the option of corporation-grade versions – BigCommerce Enterprise and Shopify Plus – which contain a number of advanced features including:

      • Guaranteed server uptime.
      • Advanced API support.
      • Dedicated SSL / IP address.
      • Enhanced security features.

Range of The Shopify Builder Services as eCommerce Developers

The Shopify developers are also known as Shopify Builder at Blackbelt Commerce offer a range of expert services to get your business off the ground and up online. It can be challenging to create an online store, and we know that. That’s why we don’t just help you set up your online store we help you create your dream e-commerce platform.

We are confident in the ability of our Shopify experts that they will be able to provide you with the perfect website based on your needs and wishes. From setting up your Shopify store to customizing a new theme, our e-commerce developers can do it all.

Work with us as your  Shopify Builder and your customers will love your new web designs. We promise to provide you with incredible aesthetics, exceptional user experience, and great features.

We can help all types of businesses build their dream Shopify store

Let The Shopify Experts Build Your Dream Shopify Store with Custom Web Designs

Each client we take on requires a custom website. Your business is wholly unique. It, therefore, needs a custom design that suits your brand identity and needs to a T.

That is why all of our custom website clients get a custom quote after an initial interview. This free and no-obligation consultation will help us get a better understanding of your business and your website plans.

There is no cookie-cutter method for our approach. Every client is unique, and every Shopify development is a custom job. Your website will stand out in every way imaginable.

You won’t have to worry about being put on the back burner, either. We only work with a few clients at a time to provide you with exceptional service. Our aim is for you to be 100% satisfied with your website.

After your consultation, we will put together a proposal that includes a fixed-priced quote. Our work is guaranteed. So too is your satisfaction.

Once you sign on as one of our clients, we will create a detailed timeline and milestones for the project. The Shopify experts will organize calculate a time range for each website sits around 4 to 8 weeks.

You will be involved in the process the entire way. This way you can be confident in how your design is coming to life. You will also know how to maintain the site once we hand it over to you.

With our design, you won’t need to code. If you need, however, we do offer monthly maintenance packages to take the maintenance chores off of your hands completely.

We Are Also Proud of BigCommerce Developers!

Happy with your BigCommerce platform? You don’t need to switch to use our services. We have the perfect dedicated BigCommerce developer to work with you on your website today.

    • Redesign your BigCommerce site.
    • Build it from the ground up.
    • Add new features that help your customers love your brand.

Hire BigCommerce Developers today to enjoy our full range of services.

Let Us Customize Your Theme to Perfection

The Shopify Experts at blackbelt Commerce are top designers, developers, understand the commerce trends and If your website is already a few steps underway, then you can hire us to add that professional finish. We can finalize the look of your website. We can add the special features you need.

In the end, your Shopify store will be the best version of itself.

We have worked on hundreds of Shopify stores just like yours. Hire us today to redesign your site or to finish the theme customization today.

Migrate to Shopify With Confidence

Love the features available on the Shopify eCommerce platform? We do too. Contact us if you need help migrating to Shopify from WooCommerce, BigCommerce, or any other big player in the e-commerce game.

We can help you have a stress-free migration without any downtime. Your customers won’t notice the migration. They will only be surprised at how much better your site has become.

Wholesale Website Setup

Operating a wholesale website can be challenging. Setting up a wholesale website is another story altogether.

Get in touch with us today to learn about how we can help you solve all of your wholesale worries. We can help you set up a wholesale website. We can help you migrate your website to Shopify. We can even help you redesign it and add a bunch of features your clients will love.

Add Multilingual Features to Your Store

A global store needs to cater to a global audience. To increase sales you will want to offer your store in multiple languages or regions. Thankfully, we have experience in building multi-lingual sites in over 12 different languages.

You can expand your Shopify empire with seamless features. Users will be able to change the language or region manually. Alternatively, we can add a premium Blackbelt plugin to your site that will take their IP address and automatically switch them to their region.

Expand Your Region With Us – International Expansion!

Expanding your business is harder than just adding additional languages. We can help with the entire expansion process. Hire us to customize your website. Then have a look at our blog of the definitive guide.

Premium Plugins Created by the Ninjas at Blackbelt

Blackbelt Commerce has invested in custom software development over the years. The result? Our very own collection of premium plugins for our Shopify store-owners.  Stockists Page

Show your stockists and keep track of who stocks which products on your site. Our plugin makes this easy. You won’t need to deal with maps or zip codes.

HTML Email Templates

Create stunning HTML emails with our HTML email template plugin.

Fast and Easy Currency Converter for Shopify

Make it easy for your customers to shop in their currency with our currency converter for the Shopify plugin.

Unique and Custom Image Galleries

Create custom and unique image galleries on your website with our plugins.

Country Selector for International Stores

Redirect customers to the right international store based on their IP Redirect. A US user will see the US version of your site, while a UK user will see the UK version. All of this is done automatically with our plugin.

Why Choose The Shopify Expert at Blackbelt Commerce to Set Up Your Dream E-commerce Store

Choose Blackbelt Commerce to set up your dream Shopify or BigCommerce store today. We have dedicated Shopify experts and Shopify developers who also are  BigCommerce developers on hand to take care of your needs. We are TOP ranked by our clients with over 193 reviews.  We are proud of this great achievement because we received such great remarks from our clients.  We are recognized because we offer customer-centric service, on-time delivery, and top expert developer who care about our clients!

We want you to be 100% satisfied with your web design. We keep you in the loop and guarantee a fixed price. No surprises.

We can take care of your entire e-commerce project from:

    • Batch upload products
    • Set up images and galleries
    • Create your payment gateways
    • Teach you how to manage your website
    • Offer you 30 days support after we GO Live with your store

We are one of the top organic results for Shopify Experts for a reason. We take care of everything for you. We have app developers on hand to create the perfect site and add all the feature your store needs to be great.

The Perfect Partner for the Top eCommerce Stores

For more information, get in touch today and find out what we can do for you and your enterprise.

At Blackbelt Commerce, we would like to add your enterprise to our large list of success stories such as the site we created for Judith Leibert  Minaal, Progurt, to support their successful Kickstarter launch or the new home we created for the online merchandise store of Deakin University which has led to a dramatic increase in sales.

For more information, get in touch with our expert team today. You will find out what we can do for you and your enterprise.

Shopify Developer – How to Find The Best 

E-Commerce Website Development 

According to 2018 statistics, around 1.8 billion people shop online, and about 63% of all shopping journeys begin on the Internet. Even customers at brick and mortar stores browse through the Internet to find the latest reviews, statistics, and product videos before making a purchase decision. That’s why modern businesses must establish a robust online presence to thrive. Platforms like Shopify make this process relatively easy and affordable so you can have a website up in no time. Here are some reasons why you should consider investing in professional Shopify eCommerce solutions:  ·      Stronger Online Presence – A great website helps businesses promote their brand and stand apart from competitors. Every big and small business today has an online presence as well as a mobile website. If you want to gain an edge over others, investing in a good website is imperative as is maintaining it and upgrading it regularly. Companies miss out on a lot of traffic without a website, even if their business model relies on face-to-face service. Having a Shopify app can boost your online presence even further.   ·      Better Marketing Opportunities – A website is the foundation of all other digital strategies and techniques that you use. Many people wonder whether eCommerce marketing is the same as other online marketing practices like content, social media, search engine, as well as email marketing. Ecommerce marketing and other standard digital marketing aren’t mutually exclusive. A Shopify eCommerce website can use all these other digital channels to promote products and expand the business. This form of marketing reaches a broader audience and is more effective than most traditional approaches. You can target people online to promote your brand. ·      Reaching a Vast Audience – Store owners can reach a wider audience if they have a Shopify website and opt for eCommerce solutions. It is possible to target customers in different states and even sell to global markets through an online store. Traditional brick-and-mortar selling doesn’t offer this level of flexibility. Brick-and-mortar setups are of course, bound by location. Depending on the service or product you sell, this could be crucial to your revenue.   However, there are times when even businesses that believe they ‘need’ to stay local, can consider global expansion; it could allow them to expand into new avenues of the business. For example, if your business is mainly service-based, it might be a good idea to complement your various local offerings with some products that people can buy online from you.  ·      Connecting with Customers Directly – Websites allow businesses to reach their customers directly and can provide a wide range of support services. People consider business websites the first source of information and assistance. They will look at the product description, read reviews, browse through pictures or videos, and then make a purchase decision. Also, eCommerce operates on a digital marketing and selling model.  Shopify eCommerce enables you to gather, efficiently synthesize, and utilize customer data and information more easily than conventional channels. This is especially true when you consider various retention activities such as customer loyalty programs. With various customization Shopify techniques, you can track your customer’s buying habits more carefully and this offers you the opportunity to target promotional and marketing efforts in a more efficient and accurate way.   ·      24/7 Business – Online stores or an app store can remain open 24/7, which increases sales volume significantly. Some customers do not have the time to visit stores or arrange for transportation. E-commerce websites are highly accessible so people can buy what they need through their smartphone, computer, tablet, or other such devices. The best way to get the visibility you need and reach wider audiences is by adopting e-commerce solutions.  ·      Cost-Effective Digital Marketing– Shopify eCommerce carries far lower costs compared to any brick-and-mortar setup. When you add an online component to your business, you get a low-risk investment that proves to be a far better choice compared to opening more storefronts if it’s something you feel you might easily lose money on. Scaling a business to reach wider audiences or increase your product offerings has never been easier and cost-effective than by setting up a Shopify store and mobile app. 

  •     Improved User Experience– Millennials, Generation Z, and other tech-savvy consumers that prefer online shopping, because it affords them a more comfortable and smoother experience. They can shop on the go or from the comfort of their homes with no restriction on when they make purchases. 

When online store setups are right, the ease of browsing, searching, adding to the shopping cart and ordering products can easily outweigh the additional shipping cost. Adding special customer support features like live chats is another efficient and cost-effective way to answer customer questions 24/7. All these aspects of a customized Shopify store significantly enhance the customer experience.  As you can see, there are several benefits to creating an efficient website for your business. A top Shopify developer can help create an impactful platform that will impress your target audience.  If you are planning to create a store for DropSHipping  Check this out This is the best service today. Also, you can check this terrific page by Google for Purchaser Behavior a great resource to learn about your possible clients and how they behave when shopping on say a Shopify Store, an online store, or maybe on a BigCommerce store. 

Shopify-Powered E-Commerce Store – Why It Works 

Shopify is a specialized e-commerce platform that has become very popular in recent years. It has helped small business owners set up fast and efficient websites without investing a lot of time or effort. There are many such platforms available today, which makes choosing the right one difficult. Here’s a look at why it is a good idea to hire a Shopify developer for a reliable website:

 1. Specifically Designed for E-Commerce

Unlike WordPress and other such platforms, Shopify is specifically designed for e-commerce. Experienced developers can use it as a foundation to create effective point-of-sale systems and retail stores. A dedicated e-commerce structure gives business owners access to several tools that can help them run their company effectively and manage all online transactions smoothly. Most WordPress developers know the limitation of that platform and recommend Shopify to clients that are looking for an effective, reliable, and scalable digital platform through which they can reach wider audiences and increase sales.  

2. Top Scalable Platform 

A business grows and acquires more customers with time. Companies introduce new products, services, and categories regularly to improve their revenue. A website that works for you today may not have the same effect a couple of years down the line. Enterprise e-commerce needs enterprise infrastructure. You would need a system that enables you to serve exponentially more customers compared to what you started out with in the initial stages of your business, in addition to the related integrations, back-office operations, and support.  Next to customization, most clients ask our experts in Shopify whether the website we design will be scalable, so they don’t have to struggle when it’s time to expand their reach. Shopify provides a scalable platform that can adjust to your goals or targets. You can increase its size, downsize, or branch out based on business requirements. Take the limits off your business growth with a Shopify eCommerce platform that’s not just robust but nimble too.

3. Mobile-Friendly 

Mobile is a crucial aspect of running an online business. Most customers are comfortable carrying out all kinds of transactions through their cellphones, and some even prefer using mobile devices rather than a computer for shopping. Companies can create dedicated applications for this platform, but it is still a good idea to have a responsive website that performs well on mobile. Shopify provides a strong foundation for it and ensures your site will look good on all kinds of devices.

  1. Security – A Must in This Digital Era 

Security is also an essential factor to consider, especially with the implementation of policies like the GDPR. Governments and local authorities expect businesses to ensure their website is reasonably secure, which means you need to choose an excellent platform for this purpose. Shopify lives up to current industry standards when it comes to security, ensuring you have some protection from things like hacking, malware, data leaks, etc. A good developer for Shopify will build on this security framework to create a secure, embedded app. 

5. Blazing Speed 

Customers judge a company by its website performance, and they can be very picky. Most want a site to load under 3 seconds and will abandon it if loading takes more time. Modern-day customers have very short attention spans and lack the patience to wait for sites to load. Shopify has a good track record for loading speeds, mainly if you invest in good-quality hardware support and hire a reliable developer for Shopify designs. It has a robust infrastructure that provides ample support and cuts down on performance issues.  All these aspects go a long way in ensuring the speed, reliability, and functionality of your Shopify store.

6. SEO-Friendly – A must for Free Organic Traffic

Customers often find the products and services they need through search engines. Businesses that feature prominently on these engines are more likely to get good revenue. A website should be optimized for search engines to rank high enough and be visible, and Shopify makes it easy because it is a very SEO-friendly platform. A good Shopify app developer already has a stable framework to create a reliable website.   Many large scale businesses like Budweiser, Penguin Books, New York Times Shop, etc., use Shopify. This framework can support everything from small businesses to enterprise-level websites without any compromise in performance. The company also provides excellent customer service so you can get assistance for problems quickly.

Shopify Developer Hiring Process

Developers are an essential aspect of creating a website, even on platforms like Shopify. While business owners can create a functional website using the tools provided by the company, the results are often unreliable. A good Shopify development developer is familiar with the platform and can capitalize on all of the advantages this framework offers. Here’s a brief insight into the developer hiring process: 

1. Free Consultation 

We are the TOP Shopify experts – and we will provide Free Consultations. Free consultations are standard practice in the development world. Customers can get in touch with experts, share their goals, explain their target audience, and ensure the developers have a clear idea of what they need. You can reach experts through an online form to book a consultation before carrying out a face-to-face meeting. These consultations are constructive because they help customers determine whether they have chosen the right Shopify developer.

2. Submit Requirements to the team of experts at Blackbeltcommerce

 The next step is to submit detailed requires, so the developer has a good idea about your vision. A developer may ask you to fill out a requirement form with all of the details or answer a questionnaire to get a better understanding. Customers can get a tentative cost estimate at this stage so they can plan their budget accordingly. Nothing is finalized because most project briefs require a little fine-tuning before developers can start working.

3. Discuss Project Details

 The first consultation and requirements submission gives both customers as well as developers a clear view of the project scope. At this point, you can sit down with the designed developer to discuss project details like deadlines, deliverables, priorities, goals, and other such factors. Developers will discuss the final details, offer their recommendations, suggest alterations, etc. The purpose of this stage is to make sure the customer and developer are on the same page.

 4. Signing the Dotted Line to Hire a Shopify Developer

 Once all details are finalized, and customers understand everything that’s involved in the project, they can hire the developer. You get a dedicated expert who will keep in touch throughout the project. They will provide regular upgrades, keep you informed about any issues, provide a warning about delays, and so much more. These experts are your single point of contact so that you can ask them about everything from project progress to last-minute alternations.

5. Shopify Development Begins 

The development starts after you have hired an expert. The process is relatively straightforward as it is designed for people of all skill levels. Even an inexperienced business owner can create a simple website on this platform. However, professionals have a much better understanding of the process and know which tools to use. Here’s a look at the process:

·      Creating an Account – The first step is to create an account on Shopify. Developers do this through a partner program and create an account that gives them access to sophisticated tools that aid in the process. E-commerce experts can share their knowledge with new merchants. As a seller, you will receive tailored guidance and ongoing support from the top Shopify experts. 

·      Online Store – Experts then start setting up an online store based on the parameters discussed during a consultation. This involves adding products, setting up different collections, adding payment gateways, customizing product pages, installing plug-ins wherever needed, and more. Setting up an online store requires experience and skill as developers need to make sure all elements of the website like the partner program are in place. The structure and functionality are planned and set up based on the discussions the developers have had with the store owner. You can customize your store, the checkout, as well as back end with Shopify APIs and the Shopify App Store.

·      Choosing a Theme – The Shopify theme attracts customers and keeps them engaged. An outdated or generic theme can impact sales, which is why it is essential to select the right Shopify theme. Experienced developers know how to browse through the thousands of offerings available on Shopify to find one that fits a client’s requirements perfectly and can also provide theme customizations.

·      Editing the Details – The final step is to edit details like metadata, page titles, URLs, image tags, and other such factors. A Shopify developer will make sure your website is optimized for search engines before uploading it. All of these details can help your rankings and improve visibility. 

Once the Setup is complete, your developer will go through everything carefully to ensure they haven’t missed anything, and the Shopify website is functional.

6. Launch Day – This is the Most Exciting Time of Our Clients – and the Shopify experts will celebrate with you

If the expert is satisfied with the Setup, they will start the process of sending the Shopify website live. This isn’t as straightforward as clicking a button because developers need to make various last-minute adjustments and this is where their Shopify customization skills come in. Here’s a look at what happens: 

  •       Set up programs like Google Analytics, ensure all company information is accurate, organize payment managers, and make sure the sales channels are functional.
  •       Add provisions for taxes and shipping options to ensure customers get the accurate price and know what kind of delivery alternatives are available to them.
  •       Test the order system to ensure everything goes smoothly and provides a comfortable user experience.
  •       Add a domain name and sort through all domain-related processes like updating DNS code, removing storefront passwords, setting primary domains, etc.

Once all of these Shopify customization tasks are done, the Shopify web developer will launch your website. The online store is ready and capable of handling transactions of all sizes immediately after it goes live.

7. Efficient Support – Our Experts Teams Will Provide At Least TWO Full Weeks From Launch Date 

Every newly launched website experiences a few growing pains. Business owners require support from their developers to understand how their website works and address potential issues. We offer free 2-week support to make sure everything goes smoothly after the launch. This allows customers some time to settle in and become accustomed to their new sales platform. The Shopify development agencies follow processes that are fairly straightforward, and your dedicated developer will explain it to you in detail during a consultation. If you want to know more, you can always contact your account project manager and ask them for assistance.

Services Provided by our Experts Team

Before hiring a developer, it is a good idea to understand the range of services provided. This can help you avoid any misunderstandings in the future and maintain a clear line of communication. We provide everything you need under one roof and here’s a look at our services:

1. Setting up an E-Commerce Store by the Shopify Experts 

We can set up a customized e-commerce store based on your specifications and requirements. We use tools provided by the Shopify platform to create an online store that performs well on all platforms and delivers an excellent customer experience. This process involves things like assigning a domain name, making sure the settings are accurate, choosing and setting up a good hosting provider, and other such tasks. The Shopify developer will keep you informed about the process and answer any questions about the Setup in detail. At this stage, the mobile app developers may also determine whether you might need a mobile app in the future.   

2. eCommerce Website Development

 A website should be impactful, effective, and reliable, which can only happen if you have a good developer. Website development and customization Shopify techniques are a complex process of making sure all elements of your platform are functional and can reach your targets. Our experts focus on factors like the ones mentioned below during development:

    •     The target audience
    •     Customer’s brand and design preferences
    •     Competitors
    •     Local, national, or international presence 
    •     Products and services provided
    •     Budget
    •     Future goals and targets 

A custom website can help you establish a strong brand identity, which is vital in a competitive market. We keep you up-to-date on all aspects of website development, so you know how the project is progressing at all times. 

3. Customized Theme – By the Shopify Experts For both Shopify and BigCommerce

Our team of experts will help develop the user interface of your website. A great theme will look impressive on all our expert team will provide custom theme options and will ensure your website looks unique. An experienced Shopify app developer can customize Shopify themes by creating them from scratch if necessary. We will make sure it looks great without compromising the overall performance of your website. Some third-party themes development techniques used to create an embedded app are too bulky or poorly constructed, which can lead to slower performance or security breaches. 

4. Migrating to Shopify or Migrating to BigCommerce

There are many platforms like Shopify and custom software development tools available today, but not all of them are made equal. We, the Shopify experts know it! we have worked and we have confirmed. Sometimes business owners aren’t satisfied with their current platform’s performance and want to switch to a better option. There’s no need to build a website from scratch for this purpose. We will provide an experienced Shopify development developer who can migrate your existing site to this platform. The migration process should be handled carefully to ensure there’s no compromise in performance. Our experts have done this many times over the years and are familiar with the process.

5. Multilingual Stores – Speak Any Language to Your Visitors! 

Multilingual stores are more accessible and reach a broader audience. For example, you can create a store that offers information in English and Spanish if your target audiences are located in Southern US or Mexico. Stores targeting some areas of Canada may require French and English versions. Global e-commerce websites may need to support most of the popular world languages. Fortunately, Shopify makes it easy to create these multilingual platforms. Our Shopify developer will incorporate the languages using custom software development for your website.

6. Regional Expansion as Recommended by the Shopify Experts

As businesses grow, they start targeting a wider audience. Many Shopify clients start as small, local businesses and evolve into multinational entities. If you want to sell products in other countries, you may need to tweak the company’s website to accommodate the change. Shopify offers international expansion packs to make the process easier and help business owners handle taxes, shipping costs, and other such details.  Our Shopify web developer will use custom software development techniques to make sure your website is suitable for an international audience. Shopify has four different plans for their stores: Basic, Shopify, Advanced, and Plus. A skilled eCommerce developer can help you transition to the advanced plans as your business grows. The different pricing plans allow your business to access more features, helps lower your transaction rate, and gives you additional tools to expand your business.

7. App Development by BlackbeltCommerce

Shopify apps can help improve a website’s functionality and versatility. Today, 80% of businesses that use Shopify rely on an app for their sales and it significantly enhances your efficiency. You can add customized features, processes, and integrations to your store to suit different business goals. Our Shopify experts can build apps from scratch for online retailers and make sure they live up to current company standards.   We will follow Shopify’s guidelines, use proven techniques, and build Shopify apps that are secure and efficient. We will check all aspects of the product to make sure there’s no compromise in performance. There are different billing systems or Shopify APIs the Billing API and you can charge for your business app one-time, usage-based, or as a recurring charge. What’s great is that you get to keep 80% of the total revenue from your app. Our team is here to guide you and help with listing your app on the Shopify store and that will also help you grow your business. 

8. Content Development  

No website is complete without content. Things like product descriptions, images, company information, blog posts, etc., keep customers engaged, and improve session times. If you want your business to be successful, it is important to include detailed and well-written content on its website. Our content marketing and development team will make sure your website is informative and impressive. We will generate creative content that doesn’t include any grammar errors, outdated details, or misinformation. The right kind of unique content can keep people engaged while providing value and helping in conversions. The content marketing strategy would be part and parcel of overall web design and another digital strategy that you use. 

9. SEO – Search Engine Optimization by the Top Shopify Experts

SEO is one of the most important digital marketing strategies. It helps your website rank high on search engines and bring more organic traffic. Shopify already has a good track record with search engines and is optimized for them. However, our Shopify developer takes it a step further by building on the foundation. Here’s a look at what we can do: 


·      OnPage Optimization

On-page optimization is a content marketing practice where individual web pages are optimized to rank higher and attract more relevant traffic from search engines. It refers to both the HTML source code of the page and the content that can be optimized. On-page optimization includes many changes like editing metadata, shortening URLs, improving website structure, revising on-page content, etc. Some of these changes can have a significant impact on traffic and visibility.

·      OffPage Optimization

Off-page optimization involves assessing and correcting a company’s name, phone number, address, and Maps information. If this information isn’t accurate, it can mislead customers or compromise your reputation online. That has an impact on your search engine ranking. Off-page optimization tells Google what other people think about your website. So, if you have many valuable external links pointing to your web pages, the search engines will assume you’ve got excellent content – something that provides online users good value. It’s all about using this technique for developing experience. 

·      White Hat Link Building Program

– Link building is one of the most crucial ranking factors. It lends credibility to your website and helps attract more customers. The term “white-hat” isn’t just limited to link building. It is used to define the agreeable SEO practices in their entirety and should be a vitally important part of all outreach strategies. Practices that align with the guidelines set by Google are considered white-hat.

The focus is on keeping it clean and making sure you play by Google’s rules. The aim is to prioritize excellent user experience and including valuable content and make it accessible to online users. It means that you should not manipulate search rankings with unethical (black-hat) SEO strategies. We use white hat link building creates to create a strong profile. Our expert will make sure you have backlinks from reputable websites in the industry.  We have done it–our own blackbelt commerce has been optimized by our knowledgeable SEO experts and it is on the first page of Google.  Search engine optimization is an ongoing process, but it requires a strong foundation. We make sure your website is optimized according to current standards, so your future marketing endeavors have a higher chance of success. SEO has to be an essential aspect of your digital strategy to have a sustainable presence on the World Wide Web.

10. Wholesale Shopify Setup for Shopify eCommerce 

Shopify projects provide business owners with the opportunity to run retail and wholesale store setups. You can create a separate website, add wholesale pricing, restrict access to wholesale customer accounts, and more. We are familiar with all of the tools provided by Shopify and can create an efficient wholesale website, and our Shopify developer will make sure the website offers a smooth user experience to customers placing bulk orders. They will get accurate information on discounts, taxes, and shipping options and complete the website designing and custom apps creation job to meet your business needs.

11. Maintenance & Support for your Store Setups 

All websites require consistent maintenance and support, regardless of how well-designed they are. Businesses experience issues like downtimes, overwhelming traffic, performance issues, and slow load times regularly, which can have an impact on their reputation. We provide maintenance and support services to keep your Shopify website in good shape at all times. Preventive maintenance can reduce downtimes and ensure your website lives up to current standards. Consistent support and will ensure you get prompt assistance in times of emergencies.  If you want to know more about our API documentation and other Shopify admin services, our customer care team is happy to explain them in detail. 

Why Hire a Professional Shopify Web Developer?

Shopify makes creating a website easy and has several tools to support DIY development. But experienced business owners and experts in the field always recommend that companies hire a Shopify developer instead of creating an e-commerce platform without any expert assistance. Here are some reasons why:


·      E-Commerce is Complex– E-commerce websites are relatively complex. They include several elements like product pages for different sub-categories, tax calculation, shipping cost, and delivery time calculation, and so much more. Your website’s performance can suffer if these elements aren’t handled carefully. A professional developer knows how to create a feature-rich website suitable for e-commerce business.

·      Utilizing Shopify’s Potential – Shopify is a great platform designed specifically for e-commerce businesses. It offers myriad tools and features that can help you run an online store setup efficiently. Professional developers at credible development agencies take the time to discuss clients’ requirements, understand the demographic they are targeting and what the product offerings are before building Shopify websites that boost the clients’ business online presence.

·      Custom Development – Businesses need to stand apart from the competition to succeed and establish a strong brand presence. A unique and well-designed website can help with this process. We can customize your website, create fresh themes from scratch, and include unique content on your website while making sure your shopping cart performs seamlessly. All of these services will help you stand out and thrive.  

We will also help with any upgrades and modifications that you may need as your business grows. The team will also have a front-end developer. This professional will link together the aspects of technology and design. They package up back-end utility in a way that users can interact with the site easily. They take various website design files and then convert them into JavaScript (JS), HTML, and/or CSS code – these are the core elements of front-end development. 


·      Unique Features – Many e-commerce businesses require unique features that standard online stores don’t provide. For example, you may want to include wholesale pricing or multiple currency support. We can find and recommend applications, plug-ins, or create these features from scratch to improve website functionality for an online retailer.

·      Latest Industry Trends – The Internet is a dynamic place where trends change regularly. Search engines upgrade their standards and release new algorithm changes; customers change their design preferences, industries shift to accommodate new technological developments, etc. A professional Shopify development developer always keeps an eye on these trends and knows which ones will apply to your website. Many dropshipping business owners are now opting for Shopify websites.

·      Starting Strong – Businesses can’t afford to put out a lack-luster website, especially if they are in a highly-competitive industry. Modern customers are picky and won’t hesitate to seek out alternatives if your website doesn’t live up to their standards. Professional developers have the expertise to provide custom functionality. They will create a reliable, fast, and efficient platform, so you have a stable and robust foundation for your online presence. 

As you can see, there are several reasons to hire a professional Shopify developer or a Shopify Expert. These professionals have the skill, training, and experience needed to create stellar websites for you. A professional may seem like a significant investment at first, but a great website offers good returns. A well-made responsive website also requires less maintenance and provides more consistent performance on all devices like mobiles, tablets, and computers.

What Should You Look for in a Shopify Developer?

Shopify is a popular platform, so it isn’t surprising that it has a strong development community. Many business owners struggle to find the right fit and are dissatisfied with the experience.  It’s why they feel that the platform lacks something. But that isn’t the case. The Shopify platform can help to create excellent eCommerce design, but that can happen only when you hire a skilled and professional developer who has experience building Shopify sites.  Here’s a look at what you should expect from a professional developer:

1. Transparency  

Transparency in all aspects of development can help build trust and ensure everyone involved is on the same page. A good developer will offer straightforward advice, practical recommendations, and help you make informed decisions regarding the project. You should be able to determine just how transparent a Shopify app developer is during the first consultation.

2. Straightforward Pricing  

Website development costs can quickly get out of hand, especially if you hire the wrong eCommerce developer. Some professionals like to include all the bells and whistles, which can increase the cost of the website and sometimes affect its performance. Many developers don’t have a clear pricing strategy, so clients have to deal with exemptions or hidden costs. Find an expert who offers a precise estimate or has well-defined development packages. They should also be able to offer you the option to make additions or deletions from the services you might need, as you go. The idea is that you should work with a team that maintains transparency in their business dealings and provide upfront quotes. 

3. Great Communication Skills 

Ecommerce development agencies and clients should always have clear communication between them to ensure there’s a constant flow of information. Look for Shopify plus developers who are willing to communicate with you regularly and keep you informed about their progress. They should provide details about when they are available and what communication platforms they prefer. For example, some custom software development experts use tools like Skype to communicate clearly with their clients. Look for someone who is accessible via multiple communication avenues and is prompt and proactive in their approach.

4. Extensive Portfolio Check our Portfolio here!

Experience is the best teacher. Developers that have worked on multiple projects are more likely to create a successful Shopify website. Look at the expert’s portfolio carefully to get an idea about their design style and versatility. It is a good idea to check whether the developer has worked in your industry before and understands its unique demands. For example, if you’re a retail clothing business, look for experts that have developed clothing e-commerce websites in the past. It’s also necessary to check whether they can build apps if it’s something you think you would need in the future.

5. Top Customer Reviews for the Shopify Experts

The Internet has made it possible for clients to share their experiences and provide opinions on different businesses. This means you can easily find information on a developer online and see what past clients have to say about them. Look for an agency that has great reviews. While not every review needs to be 5-star, a higher average star rating indicates the web designers are skilled and experienced enough to help with your Shopify store development. You can also ask them to provide references and speak with previous clients directly as well.

6. Innovation by the SInnovative Approach 

Developing a website requires more than technical ability and knowledge. It also requires creativity, artistic intuition, and familiarity with the latest trends. Innovative Shopify website developers are: 

    1.  Well-versed in the latest trends and can create websites that live up to modern standards.
    2. Capable of creating great designs and unique websites that still deliver a consistent user experience.  
    3. Use technologies like 3D product rendering to show clients what they can expect from the project.
    4. Have ample experience in SEO and know how to create websites that live up to the latest search engine standards.