Blackbelt Commerce applied site-wide formatting changes, consistency updates and some layout improvements, to assist with conversions and ease of use for the LA Lakers merchandise website.

Product pages:

  • Updated the formatting of add to cart messaging
  • Added shipping information to product pages to increase conversions
  • Other formatting updates as requested by the LA Lakers website management team

Collection pages:

  • Created a script to manage empty collections, so they would auto-hide instead of showing collections with no products
  • Formatted collection pages’ sidebars, quick view and sold out icons

Cart page: Updated the cart page to assist with higher conversions, making it more consistent and an easier layout on mobile.

Blackbelt Commerce helped with formatting updates throughout the site, such as product pages, cart page, navigation, and collection pages. We also conducted a usability review of mobile to increase ease of use and wrote scripts to assist with product management and navigation.

Visit: LA Lakers Store