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Cesar A. Betran – Managing Director &  CTO

Shopify Experts are hard to find, but here we are.   Our evolution as e-commerce developers began when we started out using Shopify. Like most of our clients today we learned by building businesses using E-commerce as the vehicle. We liked Shopify so much after building several stores that we began to specialize in it. This is when we started to help friends and began to build stores for clients.  Today, we have a team of experts and we build killer online stores on Shopify.

Information Technology and the Web has been my professional home for my entire career.  I have over 20+ years of experience in the industry. This includes web production, development, usability, and project management. I also worked for  Time Warner Cable over 25 years where I managed  the Information Technology and E-Commerce assets. I now enjoy bringing this experiences to all our clients.  We have assembled a great number of Technology and e-commerce experts. Their job is to ensure that every new e-commerce Store we create is great looking functional and will help explode business growth.

Tried and Verified

You don’t want ‘just a website’. You need a trusted partner who ‘gets’ online business and entrepreneurship . This partner understands that your E-commerce store is your business’ online headquarters. It’s important. Additionally, we are a professional group of experienced developer team who will guide you on the rocky path of developing and managing n online store.

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We are Our mission is to be trusted partners with everyone one of our small set of clients. We work closely with customers  to understand their business needs. We just do not ‘throw together’ an E-commerce website. We want you to strut confidently about once your store is finished.

Oh, and we know Shopify back-to-front. Automated emails to drop-shippers? Got that covered. Customising your theme to make it do something it doesn’t normally do, or make it look better than it normally does? Yep. Uploading a massive batch of products and images, setting up Payment Gateways, and helping you understand how to manage orders? Indeed. And much more. We are listed in the Shopify Experts directory here.

Above all, we get things done, and we speak plain English – not technical jargon. We also speak Japanese, Spanish, German and French.

With our help, you’ll save time, make money, and get guidance from some of the best Shopify Experts in the industry.

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We also like to do some good in the world. You can read about our ongoing attempts at philanthropy over here.

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