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As Top Rated Shopify Experts and Shopify Website Developers-with over 180 Clients reviews, we help business owners around the world make their online Shopify Store trustworthy, easier to use,  and more profitable. See what 180+ clients have said about us


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Blackbelt Commerce Services From the Shopify Developers

We make great Shopify Stores as top-rated Shopify Developers today we have over 180 tremendous Clients’ reviews & testimonials.  As we Mentioned, we help clients around the world make their online Shopify stores better, easier to use, and more profitable using proven methods.

Whether you want to skyrocket the sales of your existing Shopify store or set up a new one from scratch, we can help. Herewith our great Shopify Developers, we have all the tools and expertise to translate your product pages, images, and descriptions into a high-earning, high-converting e-commerce site.

Shopify Stores – Theme Customization All Done In-house By Our Top Shopify Developers

Have an existing shop that needs streamlining? Want to make your products look more professional and eye-catching? Our team of Shopify experts, great designers, and tremendous program managers will customize a unique theme to showcase your brand.

Whether you want to polish up your pages, create a whole new look and feel for your store, or bring your products to life with our Shopify image gallery, we’ll help you achieve your vision through tried-and-tested methods.

Everything about your store should market your brand in the best possible light, from the content, layout, typography, and colors on your pages. However, building a theme for your Shopify site takes time, and not everyone feels confident designing a theme from scratch.

Luckily, that’s what we do

Having worked on hundreds of Shopify stores already, we have the experience and know-how to craft the perfect theme for your e-commerce store. We’ve transformed business prospects for brands all over the world, which is why we’re proud to be known as the number one Shopify developers.

We’ve done it before

Still not convinced? Here are just a few of the companies we’ve grown by transforming their Shopify themes.

Dollcake Dresses and accessories for 0-12 years

Doll Cake Home Landing Page Made by The Shopify Developers
Doll Cake Australia

What we did: Our Shopify Website Developers at Blackbelt Commerce worked with the Dollcake team to help the company migrate to a Shopify Store from their previous platform. We managed the entire six-week project end-to-end.

Using existing design elements and examples, we were able to customize Dollcake’s Shopify theme to suit their business demographic. For this, we adopted delicate, feminine fonts and colors and minimized their layout for clean functionality.

We also included a collection page to display the available sizes and styles of their products, which are showcased by their beautiful photography. Clear product pages allow their photography to shine, while neat information tabs and drop-down sizing options make the store a more shopper-friendly experience.

“Thanks to Ninjas, Dollcake finally have a beautiful, well-functioning website. I highly recommend the Shopify Ninjas,” Christina, founder, Dollcake

My Farmers Market Table Delicious, gourmet corporate gifts

What we did:

Our team of Shopify website developers worked with My Farmers Market Table to customize their header, add logos in strategic places, and include extra options to make their site easier to manage long-term. As well as creating a stunning and unique theme for your Shopify store, we’ll enhance its usability and optimize your pages for conversion, bringing the online retail experience full-circle.

Building eCommerce Stores by The Shopify Developers

Want to build a Shopify store for your brand but don’t know where to begin? Our Shopify development team and usability experts have worked on over 400 online stores, so we’ll help you build your page from the ground up.

Not only will we create a scaleable homepage and user-friendly product pages, but we’ll also migrate all your products and content from your previous platform and customize your shop for conversions and tracking. We’ll also use our knowledge of Shopify SEO to make sure your site ranks in search engines.

Throughout the site-building process, we’ll keep in close communication to keep you informed of how your project is going.

Let us create a robust, high-converting online home for your business, with all the tools you’ll need to grow and serve your customers for years to come.

Guess what? We’ve also done this before

Here’s an example of a high-converting online store we built from scratch.

Driftwood Interiors Online art gallery and store

Driftwood Interiors Website Developed By The Shopify DevelopersWhat we did:  The Shopify website developers at Blackbelt migrated all of Driftwood’s content and products from their previous WordPress site and performed a full website and theme setup from scratch. We also assisted in the design process, selecting and customizing a theme to showcase the brand’s style, which was “classic with a modern twist.”

Our development team created a homepage that featured a moving slider with unique collection links on each image. We also included a wish list feature, multiple collection images, and an “as featured in” banner to make the site more attractive and informative at first glance. Product pages also have expandable and collapsible information sections, size selections, and customer reviews, all on the same page.

Thanks to our information tabs, drop-down product menus, and filtering sidebar, Driftwood’s products we easier to find and select, leading to better customer experiences, higher click-through rates, and seamless sales.

“It’s such a refreshing change to get amazing service, and that’s exactly what I got from Blackbelt Commerce. I can’t recommend them highly enough. I couldn’t have asked for a better experience!” Kerri, designer, Driftwood Interiors

We’ve built over 400 Shopify stores. To view more of the brands we’ve worked with, take a look at our portfolio.

 Migrating From Your Old Platform to Shopify? Let Our Shopify Experts Orchestrate your eCommerce Store Migration

Moving to Shopify from your existing platform? We know it’s a daunting prospect, but luckily, we can help.

Our Shopify Website Developers at Blackbelt Commerce are excellent at eCommerce store migrations. They have a great experience with the migration of clients’ Stores to Shopify from WooCommerce, Magento,  Volusion, OpenCart, Gate13 and many other sites, so we’re experts in migration. We’ll ensure a smooth, successful and stress-free porting process, providing zero downtime for your customers.

Here is just some of the great work that our Shopify developers can do:

Liaise with designers and founders  – Select and customize a theme

Front and back-end development –  Project management

CSS customization –  Layout and features

Design: fonts and imagery – Create shoppable social media feeds

Email captures – HTML templates

Automatic Shopify redirect from your old site

And much more Contact US to see how we can help you!

Of course, we’ve done it all before

Here is one of the brands we’ve helped migrate to Shopify. To read the full case studies and Shopify examples, make sure to contact us and, once again, view our portfolio.

Natural Footgear Active footwear

What Our Shopify Experts did:  Having outgrown their previous e-commerce system, Natural Footgear came to us for help migrating to Shopify. We helped them create a stunning, high-converting store that allowed them to share their brand through a more succinct and manageable back-end system.

Not only did we transition all Natural Footgear’s content and launch their new store, but we also customized a theme based on PSD designs and created extensive custom settings for easy management.

I found Tristan to be highly organized, communicative, and friendly, and I appreciated his dedication and commitment to me and my project” Martin Hughes, founder, Natural Footgear.

Erstwilder Collectible, limited-edition jewelry, and accessories

What Our Shopify web developers did at Blackbelt helped Erstwilder create their first full-scale e-commerce store. The result was a supercharged Shopify site with an advanced, color-popping design, geotargeting for shipping messages, responsive views, pre-order functionality and a shoppable Instagram feed to facilitate their growing social media presence.

We managed this project end-to-end, liaising with marketing managers, designers, and business owners to create an eye-catching, seamless shopping experience.

Taking your online store to the next level is a big step, so let us handle the hard stuff so you can celebrate the move. Allow us to manage your migration, and you can focus on your business, knowing your e-commerce site is in good hands.

Wholesale Setup  – B2B

Want to sell to other businesses as well as customers? No problem. Shopify offers many ways to sell your products to brands, from sharing a Shopify discount code, to selling through the Shopify wholesale app or setting up a separate, password-protected storefront. Iur Shopify web developers are experts at doing this.

Having set up multiple wholesale stores for businesses large and small, we’re familiar with the challenges faced by store owners like you when it comes to branching out. Therefore, whatever your pricing structure and business scale, we offer multiple ways for wholesale customers to pay, such as Shopify PayPal and credit card payments, making international transactions quick and hassle-free.

Other brands we’ve taken wholesale

Nancy Mac Women’s clothing store

What we did: Blackbelt created an advanced wholesale setup, including specific menus, pricing and product collections for wholesale and retail customers.

We also implemented VAT and non-VAT pricing for UK customers based on whether they were shopping retail or wholesale. We also helped Nancy Mac acquire more wholesale customers by setting up a custom wholesale registration page and made their design full responsive for mobiles, tablets, and desktops.

We also set up retail stores for big Shopify businesses House Of Tees and Status Anxiety.

We’ll work closely with your team to find and execute a wholesale strategy that suits the needs and complexities of your business.

Whether you want to set up another store or install the wholesale channel through Shopify Plus, we’ll help you every step of the way – from the design of your homepage and product listings to the back-end of your store.

Regional Expansion – Internationalization of your eCommerce Business

Expanding out of your region? Congratulations – now you can grow your Shopify store along with your company. Luckily, we’re the best shopify experts in regional expansion and have helped countless businesses create their e-commerce empires. Whether you need some help or you want an expert to take over the entire progress, Blackbelt can help.

We wrote the definitive guide on regional expansion, which you can use as your Shopify cheat sheet if you need a little help (this article is available on the Shopify blog). Otherwise, you can get in touch to learn more about our services.

We offer a range of expansion packs to business just like you, which include the following services:

  • Opening an account
  • Theme duplication/setup
  • Product duplication/setup
  • Localization: Your customers want local – local time zones, local currencies and local links – so that’s what we’ll give them.
  • Configuration: All your critical apps, mailing lists, and payment gateways, all taken care of. Includes the Shopify affiliate app and any Shopify shortcode
  • Country selector based on IP address
  • SEO and Google setup
  • Launch help and ongoing communication

With previous experience building some of the biggest international expansions on Shopify – and running a global business ourselves – we know exactly what goes into a project of this magnitude.

Expanding regionally may sound simple on the surface, but there are many different attributes to the process, all of which should be afforded the care and attention you give all other areas of your business. Most business owners and managers don’t have time for this, so why not let the experts take over?

Multilingual Stores

Need a store in multiple languages? We’ve built bilingual and multi-lingual sites in over 12 languages, spanning various regions. We can help you expand your online empire with a smooth, custom, multi-lingual Shopify store.

Whether you need two languages, five languages, or more, our bilingual themes will adjust automatically for mobiles and tablets, allowing customers from all over the world to browse and shop with ease.

Here’s an example of what we do

Progurt High-quality probiotic and health supplements

Progurt is one of our most recent examples, where customers can choose from numerous shipping locations and languages from around the world. Head over to the Progurt site to see how we made bilingual features work for them (click “Shipping to:” up the top right, then a Spanish-speaking country such as Mexico, for example).

Blackbelt’s work yielded Progurt higher conversion rates through their wholesale channel, making them leaders in their market.

Building, Improving, or Migrating? Let Our Best Shopify Web Developers Help You!

At Blackbelt Commerce, we’ll do far more than build a website for your business. As top-rated Shopify Developers who care about our clients’ goals, we know your online headquarters is central to your success. Therefore, we work closely with your teams to get to the heart of your business and understand what your customers want and need.

We’ll ensure your online store facilitates growth and optimizes the customer experience, so your business can continue to flourish.

If you’d like to work with us, have a question about Shopify, or something else, we’d love to hear from you. Get in touch today and get to work on your store – backed by the world’s highest-rated Shopify Website developers.

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