Selling and Social Media: The Facts

There continues to be a constant drive to integrate shopping and social media. Being able to drive sales directly through social media platforms has become the goal. There are a variety of ways that brands are tackling this concept. 

2019 could be the year that e-commerce store social media becomes truly interchangeable.

While brands and e-commerce developers have been using social media to promote products and push sales, it has proven much more challenging to develop transaction processes directly on social media pages. There have been a variety of responses to this challenge. If you want your Shopify e-commerce brand to perform well in 2019 then it’s useful to keep up to date with developments.

The Shopify e-commerce experts at Blackbelt Commerce have created a factual guide to help distinguish the bond between selling and social media. 

Social Shopping Carts

The development of social shopping carts is proof that there is a high-priority on forging a stronger relationship between social media and e-commerce. While this is a new development, it is hindered by the fact that to get the most from it you will need to have a strong social media following. 

However, the consistent drive towards greater selling power for brands through social media continues to be a technology driver that you should always keep up to date with.

Accessibility is the Goal

Social transactions inevitably come with their own unique challenges and issues. Social media is a somewhat unique entity. It is one that is proving to be challenging for big brands and Shopify experts to take advantage of. 

One of the keys to smoother selling power on social media is through accessibility and minimizing diversion. If you interrupt someone scrolling through their feed with a bad advert, then you are more likely to lose a sale than gain one. 

Understanding the behaviors of social media users will make it far easier to optimize your social media marketing. It will be in a natural and non-intrusive way.

Harnessing Customer Engagement

One of the most consistently effective ways of encouraging sales on your social media pages is to engage with comments and shares. This makes it far easier to start conversations that can include connections with people who are not yet following your Shopify e-commerce store. 

By highlighting the right product at the right time, you will be better able to see dramatic results in your sales figures. Remember that it is possible to lose sales if you tackle this incorrectly. 

If you are targeting the wrong demographic on the wrong platform, then your brand will only suffer.

Using Data

All social media platforms give brands and Shopify developers the analytic tools that they need to better understand their customers. Knowing how to use that data to drive sales can be difficult but very effective once perfected. If you use your collection of data in the wrong way, then you may damage your brand by seeming obtrusive or even worrying. 

Convenience is Vital

Driving consumers away from social media to your Shopify e-commerce store is clearly something that you need to be aiming for if you wantto grow your sales figures. This is seemingly easier than ever, with some studies showing that up to a quarter of American social media users have bought a product on a website after seeing it on their newsfeeds. 

If you create barriers to a quick and convenient sale, then the chances are that you lose that potential sale. As social media platforms continue to push for immediate sales directly from their own site, this could make life much easier for brands and Shopify experts alike.

Social Integration and One-Click

As social media platforms continue to develop the concept of social shopping, you should expect to see more tools available to streamline the process. This is good news for e-commerce stores who understand that the fewer barriers you put between a customer and a sale, the more likely that you will make a conversion.

As always, the easier it is for a consumer to make a purchase, the more likely that they will do so.

Social Logins

This is perhaps the most important existing tool for Shopify developersto integrate into their ecommerce platforms. Not only does this give you a call to action that benefits the buyer, it also gives you access to their social media profiles as well. 

If you then prioritize sharing ability too, you could encourage buyers to share their purchases online as well. This is a win-win scenario for Shopify developers and is the most effective tool for social media shopping that is currently available.

Considering the focus on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram on keeping one step ahead of the needs of their audiences, you should expect to see more and more ways to sell using social media. 

Keep up to date with new developments and your Shopify ecommercestore could be among the first businesses to take advantage of this excitingand potentially game-changing trend.

For help with creating a Shopify store and linking up and managing social media effectively, it is important to reach out to professionals such as those at Blackbelt Commerce. Doing so can help build a business that is set to succeed. 


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