Shopify Plus Partners: What They Are and How to Become One

In 2016, Shopify Plus launched its Partnership program, helping established merchants become Shopify experts. The program aims to facilitate strategic Partnerships between high-volume merchants and Partners.

Shopify believes these Partnerships will help drive many online businesses to the next level, helping emerging store owners to build their empires.

Through the Partnership program, brands can connect with innovators and creatives in their industry. Shopify Plus Partners help merchants to do the following:

  • Understand industry trends
  • Know how to use Shopify services
  • Ensure merchants remain competitive
  • Drive Shopify e-commerce development and strategy
  • Use selling tools
  • Tailor marketing documents
  • Achieve maximum visibility among Shopify merchants.

What Is A Shopify Plus Partner?

A Shopify Plus Partner pitches and sells Shopify to prospective clients. Essentially, merchants can hire Shopify experts to help them with their sites.

Shopify provides an abundance of resources to help Partners become Shopify developers and experts. These resources include selling guides, white papers and “toolkits” to help Partners pitch to, and convert, clients.

What Does A Shopify Plus Partner Do?

As an online seller will tell you, choosing a platform for your e-commerce business is one of the toughest decisions an entrepreneur can make. Without the right information, first-time sellers can end up investing a lot of time and money into the wrong e-commerce solution.

Making a mistake like this in the early stages of a business isn’t of the world. It can, however, negatively impact future success. Therefore, it’s always best for new sellers to seek guidance before opening an online store.

That’s where a Shopify Plus Partner steps in. As a Partner, you can navigate the needs of your clients and direct them towards the benefits of Shopify Plus. You will also use your skills to help them build and maintain a successful online store.

Will I Have Help?

Yes – you’ll have access to 24/7 Priority Partner Support. Shopify also provides multiple resources for Partners and clients alike, such as shareable guides, toolkits, and online resources.

You’ll be given Shopify banners and logos to use on your website, as well as suggestions on how to brand yourself as a Shopify Plus Partner. The Partners’ monthly newsletter also contains information on how to promote your services, in addition to news and tips about the Shopify platform.

As a Shopify Plus Partner, you’ll also have support from your personal partner Manager. The role of the Manager will be to ensure you have everything you need to get the most out of the program. They’ll act as an extension of your sales team, helping to deliver to your client’s specific needs.

How Much Can I Earn Through The Shopify Plus Partner Program?

The Shopify Plus Partner program offers various ways for you to generate revenue. These include:

  • Referring clients: Each time you refer a client to Shopify, you will receive a 20% revenue share.
  • Affiliate links: Each time a new merchant signs up with Shopify after using your affiliate link, you will earn a “bounty payment.”This amounts to two months of the merchant’s monthly subscription fee, paid over two installments.
  • Writing Shopify apps and Shopify themes: You can sell your apps and themes for a one-time fee. You can also make a monthly subscription payment.

All payments are delivered in USD using PayPal and are paid out twice monthly. The balance, however, needs to be above $25.

How To Become A Shopify Plus Partner

To become a Shopify Plus Partner, you’ll need to have plenty of experience in enterprise stores or wholesale e-commerce. If you think you fit this bill, you can apply for our Partnership program via the Shopify website.

When you apply, you need to provide the following information:

  • Your name, email address, and phone number.
  • The name and location of your business.
  • The year you started your company.
  • How many people you employ.
  • The percentage of enterprise clients you work with.
  • How many commerce projects you deliver per year.
  • Your area of expertise.
  • Agency services offered.
  • Other work you provide on e-commerce
  • Why you want to become a Shopify Partner.
  • Advice on getting started.

Ready to become a Shopify Plus Partner? Here’s some advice on getting started:

  • Read the Partner’s blog: The Shopify Partner’s blog has plenty of information on how to get started. Popular topics include tips on finding new clients, how to demonstrate your expertise and help with email marketing.
  • Invest in your own website: If you want to become a Shopify Plus Partner, you’ll need to demonstrate your expertise via your e-commerce
  • Understand the benefits of Shopify Plus: If you’re a Shopify Plus merchant, you probably realize the benefits of the platform already. However, the Shopify Sales Toolkit will help you leverage the information to gain more clients.

Play to your strengths. Find out what your client needs and really work to support those needs.”

Kim Carruthers, Founder of eChic

Becoming a Shopify Plus Partner won’t just generate revenue. It also places you as an expert in your field. By entering the Partner programme, you can launch your own consulting business, using your expertise to guide other businesses toward success.

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