Major Upgrade: Bilingual Theme – New Design, Full-width Hero and More

The Bilingual Theme for Shopify just had a major upgrade!  After helping business owners around the globe create bilingual stores in over 12 languages for three years running, we’ve been working hard for months on a design upgrade.

Underneath, it’s the same flexible, easy-to-use-system that store owners know and love.  On the outside though, it’s been given a major facelift.

What’s New?

  • Full-width hero image on the homepage
  • Updated, simplified product page layout
  • Slider for thumbnail images on mobile
  • New mobile menu
  • A re-arranged header is now cleaner
  • Upgraded accordion formatting to make open/closing sections clearer
  • Language buttons made to be more obvious
  • Icons added for search and checkout
  • New search bar (top right)
  • Upgraded Cart page
  • New “Shop now” buttons on the homepage
  • Cleaner footer
  • Upgraded color scheme for the demo store
  • Other formatting updates

See the new version on our demo store:
Homepage | Collection page | Product page | New accordions

Please note that these upgrades have only been applied to the “Coffee” version of our theme.

Where Can I Get The Bilingual Theme For Shopify?

I Already Have The Bilingual Theme And Want To Upgrade. What Do I Do?

Great!  The good news is, you can upgrade for free.

Note that moving to the new version is totally optional and is not required — if you choose not to upgrade, your current Bilingual Theme will continue functioning as normal.

You’ll receive an email from us letting you know about the upgrade, with a link to download the new version. Please note that we are not able to complete this upgrade for you – if you would like to upgrade, please follow the guidelines below.

  1. Find the update email from us, and click the download link (search your email for Shopify Ninjas and/or “SendOwl”, which is the service we use to manage our digital downloads).  Once you have found your download link, click it to download the .zip file.
  2. After you’ve downloaded the file (it will have “UNZIP ME” in the title!), unzip it. Inside, you will see another .zip file. That is the theme. You’ll also see an HTML file (double-click to open) with guidelines on how to use the theme.
  3. Log in to your Shopify Admin and go to the Themes section. Upload the theme ZIP file.  We suggest to leave it unpublished if you do not want to affect your live shop. It will be installed as a new theme in your shop, so you can always switch back to your current version. You will need to re-apply your theme settings (logo, slideshow images, fonts, bilingual settings etc.) and any other customizations you’ve made to the theme. However, all of your shop’s products and content will remain as-is.

You can also refer to this Shopify article on theme updates.


Q: Can I import this updated theme without losing my customizations?
A: Unfortunately not.  You will need to re-apply your custom edits to the new theme, including the Bilingual section.  Good news is, you can just copy these over from one theme to the other – open them up side-by-side, and it should only take a few minutes to copy over.

If you are confident with HTML and Liquid files, you can also try the shortcut listed under the heading “Is there any way to avoid re-customizing my theme from scratch?” on this Shopify Help page.

Q: Can I selectively add features from the updated theme to my current theme?
A: Not really – that would require custom development to add individual features, so we don’t recommend that.

For theme support, please see Our theme support over here or email support [at]

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Screenshots of the new theme are below.
bilingual-shopify-theme-v6-home bilingual-shopify-theme-v6-home2 bilingual-shopify-theme-v6-home3

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