Shopify Ninjas Is Now Blackbelt Commerce

As of today, Shopify Ninjas is called BlackBelt Commerce. Here’s the inside scoop on our name change and what it means.

Why The Change From Shopify Ninjas To BlackBelt Commerce?

We’ve loved being Shopify Ninjas for the past four years.  But, all chapters must come to close.

Why the change? Since Shopify went public in May 2015, they have, understandably, gradually been requesting Shopify Partners with the word “Shopify” in their business name, to make a switch to something without Shopify in the name.  Given that we’re one of the longest-standing Shopify Partners, we were given quite a grace period, but we want to do the right thing, of course, so, the time has come and we’re excited about a new chapter as BlackBelt Commerce. We are known as Shopify Experts

Many partners were asked to do this, and the Shopify team gave us ample time to come up with a new name and make the necessary arrangements (of which, there are many!).


Why not Blackbelt eCommerce, since you build eCommerce stores on Shopify?

We felt that adding the ‘e’ could be a bit confusing, and it’s harder for people to remember.  So we stuck with Blackbelt Commerce.  That said, also redirects here, so if in doubt, both will work.

You Kept The Ninja! Yay!

Yes.  After much deliberation, we wanted to maintain a key link to the Ninja – since this is how we are known in the Shopify community and to our clients.  As such, we wanted a name that had a hint of the ‘ninja’, but which expressed what we do: building web stores on Shopify.

We’re looking forward to a new era as Blackbelt Commerce, and there’ll be many big things to come.

What else has changed?

This is just a name (and branding) change.  But we’re still committed to building wonderful stores for ambitious business owners on the Shopify Platform.  Our services remain the same, we’ll still be striving to provide the best service in the industry, and working with our clients to explore their Shopify sales, whilst also providing great Shopify tutorials to our readers.

We like to think we’ve now graduated from ‘normal’ ninjas to now: Blackbelts.


Questions? Comments?  Would love to hear from you in the comments.

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