Shopify Email Templates: You Can Now Add Your Logo And Color Scheme!

Great news! Shopify has just rolled out new customizable email template features, which I (and many of you) have been eagerly awaiting. I’d requested this feature over 2 years ago, so I’m really glad to see it coming full circle now. This is exciting news because it means that all your communication with your customers will finally match the rest of your branding.

As you know, your store comes pre-loaded with several email templates. These emails to you, your team, and your customers are triggered by particular events, like a customer completing a purchase, or an order being shipped.

Until now, many store owners have the standard, plain-text emails that are difficult to customize. Some store owners hire a designer and/or developer to create beautiful HTML email templates, but that’s not easy to do.

But no more! The new Shopify email templates mean that now you can do simple but powerful things like adding your own logo to the email templates, choose colors for them (and change all of them at once), add custom messages — and of course, you can still customize the content and formatting of the templates themselves.

You’ll be able to do this yourself, as Shopify has also created a new UI that makes these changes quick and easy to implement. It’s a visual editor that looks like this:
Shopify Email Template Customise
Shopify Email Templates Customize 2

Shopify Email Templates Customize 3

Does This Give Us FULL HTML Customization?

In short, no. This still doesn’t mean we’re able to drag-and-drop, add new elements, or significantly change everything about our HTML templates, similar to what can be done in editors like MailChimp or Klaviyo. However, we think it’s a great step in the right direction — even being able to add a logo and change the color scheme is a nice touch, that will bring the branding of your store up significantly, with very little time investment.

This is a big step forward for the branding of all Shopify stores, and I hope you’ll take advantage of this to give your customers a smoother and more consistent experience. If you’ve got any questions about this process, stick them in the comments and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can.

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