How To Back Up Your Shopify Store

By Andrei Babor

Imagine this. A few weeks ago, you finally got your key landing page updated with new copy, fresh images, and had it all set up to be fully optimised for conversions. Your sales are way up, and you couldn’t be happier with how the revision has worked out.

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Then yesterday, you got a rave review that would be a perfect addition to the page. It’s the end of a long day, but you think you’ll just jump in to add it quickly and then you can wrap up.

As you’re adding the review, though, you click away from where you’re typing and accidentally hit the backspace button. Suddenly the screen is blank.

You scroll up and down. Nothing. You hit control-z. Nothing. Your stomach starts churning, and you start swearing like a sailor.

There’s nothing you can do — that page hadn’t been backed up yet, and it’s all gone.

Now, if that scenario makes you feel nauseous, we feel you.

Most Shopify store owners have done something like this at some point. Maybe it’s just one product page, or a blog post, or a few images — but sometimes it’s a huge chunk of important content. There’s nothing worse at the end of a demanding day than accidentally deleting something critical, and then having to grind through setting it all back up again.

It used to be that there was no structured way to back up your Shopify store. Unfortunately, Shopify doesn’t provide automatic backups, and they can’t restore previous versions for you either. You could save your theme and products manually to a hard drive, or by exporting everything to CSV, but it’s a hassle to do, and an even bigger hassle to restore from.

That was a giant pain for store owners and developers alike. It’s time-consuming and tiring to do manual backups or to take copious notes on where and when everything was last saved.

how to back up your Shopify store
Save yourself this face by learning how to back up your Shopify store!

There’s Finally A Simple Solution To Back Up Your Shopify Store.

Rewind – Backups for Shopify offers automatic daily backups of your entire store. (We aren’t involved in Rewind, but it is one of those ideas we wish we’d come up with ourselves!)

The app takes a snapshot of all the data on your store and saves it by date in the Rewind Vault. It saves everything — products and product images, customers, orders, blogs, blog posts, comments, collections, themes and all the theme files.

They offer multiple packages, based on how many sales your store is making, but even at the lowest tier (just $5 a month), Rewind…

  • Saves your store daily
  • Has a one-click restore function
  • Allows unlimited products and file storage
  • Guarantees support
  • Offers real-time backups and extended Vault History (period for which your data is stored) of up to 1 year.

To restore your store, you simply pick the date that had the version you want and hit restore. It’s a one-click process, and you can choose flexible restorations (just restoring one item, a collection of items, or the whole store).

This flexibility gives you an enormous amount of control over your store — and over your time. You can rest easy, knowing that if something goes awry, it’s going to be a matter of moments to fix it, rather than hours or days.

Not only does Rewind promise peace of mind and a solution to a prickly problem, but it seems to work very smoothly too. Reading through the customer reviews is impressive — they have an almost-perfect run of 5-star ratings:

“The product works perfectly. I have deleted my own items accidentally and had to go back and restore them. It only takes a second and when something doesn’t work I can easily contact support. I can highly recommend this app.”

“Have been waiting for something like this for a long time. Before, we were exporting everything manually and copy-and-pasting blog posts – so time-consuming! Rewind has been great. It even saves the manually-selected order of our collections, which was a real problem as we had to restore the site from an older version a couple of times and lost days’ worth of work.”

“Rewind has been the easiest and most powerful backup system I’ve ever used. If you value your time and data Rewind is for you. The weekly summaries provide insight into your store’s activity, new customers, product changes, and much more. Twice now I’ve had to reach out for help and the level of service I’ve received was amazing. Way above the call of duty and more than willing to help in areas even outside their app. I strongly recommend this app and company.”

“Plays nice with other apps, gives me a weekly recap of changes that took place – Overall, a great app. I hope I never have to use it for an actual rewind.”

If you’ve ever deleted something from your Shopify store (or had someone else delete something!), had files corrupted — or would like to avoid an experience like that, check out Rewind today. It will help you sleep better at night, and save you days of repeat work, save you lost sales, and save you from avoidable stress. 8 ways to grow your sales on shopify plus.

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  1. Awesοme! Its in fact awesome article, I have
    ցot much clear idea concerning from this paragгaⲣh.

  2. hmmm…let me get this straight: large e-commerce platform with billion-dollar valuations does not provide reasonable backup/restore service to the ‘store owner’?
    Owner must purchase a 3-party (from Rewind) add-on to manage the primary provider’s (Shopify) business continuity risk!
    This is crazy, and in my opinion, a lazy approach to a web-based service.
    Is this not the reason that we have cloud service providers to transfer continuity risks from the store owner to the service provider?
    Seems like another case of one service provider using another service provider’s add-on to further nickel-and-dime the consumer that gets clouded by the supposed-value of the cloud!

    1. Concerned Dr. Guy: This is actually typical of most cloud providers. They provide disaster recovery, but don’t give end users access to their own data.

      It’s also a matter of taking control of your own data. Having a second, accessible copy of your data is just smart.

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