How To Increase Shopify Revenue By 1000% in 6 Months

By Cesar Beltran

Status Anxiety

My phone was ringing. I picked up and immediately liked what I heard. An exciting brand – Status Anxiety – was keen to work with us in moving their outdated website from an old platform (Gate13) to Shopify.

What followed was a fantastic, fun project that increased their revenue by 1000% (that is not a typo) within 6 months.

Here is what we learned.

Getting Started

The Status Anxiety team had some idea of what they wanted: A clean, mobile-optimized, minimal website that was easy to use and sold more products than their previous website. In addition, a scalable backend that was easy to manage, intuitive enough for their internal team to update, and presented a fantastic impression for customers and wholesalers.

To build on this, we made several suggestions through our Shopify Development services, based on our experience with, at the time, about 100 Shopify projects (now 250+):

  • Suggested an initial theme as a starting point
  • Heavily customized the theme to better showcase their wonderful products
  • Added new features, including adding multiple images on the home page, multiple sliders at the top of each page, little details like rounded edges on images, second image on rollover
  • Added an app for easy printing of invoices & packing labels to accommodate scaling of their growing business
  • Many other customizations which you can read about here.
  • Added a shipping calculator on the cart page to reduce abandonment

Scaling Up

After the initial launch, the Status Anxiety team did a wonderful job in promoting the new site to their customers, continuing to engage them, as well as enticing new customers to join their mailing list. (I’ve personally ordered some of their products, and even the packaging is amazing. I’ve carried their wallet around with me through 13 countries, 6 currencies in over 2 years, and it’s still in good condition despite the beating I have given it!).

We also conducted and implemented a thorough SEO review which further helped to boost their rankings. The Status Anxiety team also undertook a Google Adwords campaign and many other marketing activities, all driving traffic to the site. More recently, they have added a wholesale site to their web presence, based on the initial website design.

All of this led to a 10x increase in revenue within 6 months. Well done guys!

The Old Look – Old Gate 13 Website

Their initial website was built on a different platform, was not mobile optimized and had some problems on the user end as well as the management side. Here’s how it looked:

Old Homepage

SA - Homepage - Desktop
Desktop View
SA - Home - Mobile
Mobile View
SA - Home - Mobile
Product Page – Desktop View

The site was unusable on a mobile phone, and, overall, wasn’t very intuitive to use.

The New Look – New Shopify Website With 10x Revenue Within 6 Months

SA - Homepage - Desktop
Desktop View
SA - Home - Mobile
Mobile View

The new site is much more intuitive to use, cleaner, more appealing to the eye, and most importantly well-optimized for conversions. Product page layout is more flexible, cleaner and has better calls-to-action that prompt customers to purchase and give them all information on one page.

New Optimized Product Pages:

SA - Product - Desktop
Desktop View
SA - Product - Mobile
Mobile View

Results: Increased Revenue by 1000% Within 6 Months

We’re proud to have worked on this Shopify project and very excited to have seen Status Anxiety’s growth over the past two years. Well done guys!


More information:
Visit Status Anxiety →
More about what we did →


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