The Best Shopify Cheat Sheet Resources

Whether you want additional capabilities, to turn features on or off, create custom images, change your settings, or update a particular page, there’s always something else to change in the backend of your store.

A code can be finicky, and it’s easy to break things or create a cascade of unintended consequences trying to work things out on your own. The array of possibilities can get overwhelming, even for seasoned developers, and this is where a good Shopify cheat sheet comes into its own.

A thorough Shopify cheat sheet will cover most of the functions you’re looking to develop for your store, giving you quick, reliable shortcuts to changing the features and functionality of your store.

Below, you’ll find 3 Shopify cheat sheets that we use here at Blackbelt all the time. No one can know all the permutations of code, and it’s quicker and more efficient to have these on hand for reference than trying to memorize everything (which carries a lot of risks if you get it wrong!).

Mark Dunkley’s Shopify Cheat Sheet

Mark’s post is great for quick reference. He’s got dozens of shortcuts in a simple drop-down format so that you can instantly find the snippet of code you’re looking for, along with an example of each one. The page is broken down into 10 main categories to make things even easier for the moments you’re in a hurry.

Shopify’s E-commerce University Forums and Shopify Help Center

Chances are, someone else using Shopify has run into the same issue (or dreamed of the same features) that you’re sweating over now. Unsurprisingly, Shopify has the most extensive documentation of all these processes that you’ll find online. Not only do users jump in there to share what they’ve found, but the Shopify team will also pop up to troubleshoot and direct people to the right solutions.

CSS Tricks

While this site is not Shopify-specific, it’s got tonnes of CSS ideas and copy-paste code segments for the DIY-developer. The site has a solid search function, so just type in your query and get scrolling (make sure you include Shopify in the query so that you get the right answers). You can also browse through their Snippets section if you’re on the hunt for ideas.


Of course, if you’re really stuck on a piece of code, you can always get in touch with us here in the comments. And if you’re realizing that the feature or overhaul you want is a bit too much for you to handle on your own, tell us about your project here.

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