6 Ways To Boost Your Shopify Store

When it comes to your Shopify store, you should always be looking for new solutions that can give your customers a unique shopping experience that results in a boost in sales. E-commerce platforms and the way businesses encourage and increase sales is an ever-evolving enigma. This handy guide provided by the experts at Blackbelt can help lead you and your business to make the right decisions and transform the success of your e-commerce store in 2019.

Advanced Product Filtering

One way to improve the Shopify e-commerce experience for visitors is to implement advanced product filtering. Customers can find what they need, fast. Advanced filtering gives shoppers more options when searching. Some filters include:

  • Price
  • Color
  • Style
  • Material
  • Size

Filters should be clear and easy to select and sort. You are aiming to create a fast and easy shopping experience. Usability is key. The more specified the search, the more satisfied your shoppers will be.

Cross Sales

We are all familiar with the process of encouraging a customer to buy. Looking to 2019, this is only half the battle. Take advantage of customers already using your Shopify store to make a purchase. Shopify services can encourage customers to make a further purchase through cross sales. You can do this by using collected data to offer suitable products to visitors already on your site. Ask yourself what your customer needs and capitalize on this. Offer a solution that benefits the shopper, resulting in a satisfied customer and a more profitable result for your company.

Blog Regularly

Customer engagement and retention can boost your Shopify store. This is only achievable by providing what the consumer wants. A regularly updated, a captivating blog is another way you can boost your Shopify store in 2019. Shopify experts offer multiple solutions to help you develop a blog that captivates your audience. With appropriate content marketing techniques, you can increase sales through these blog posts. These include:

  • Blogging regularly
  • Including relevant video content
  • Sharing blog posts on social media
  • Being aware of trends in the market
  • Keeping posts relevant, short and snappy

Following the strategies above can help to retain customers and see them return to your Shopify store in the future. Blackbelt can help you in devising site design templates, for example, that encourage visitors to visit your blog.


Chatbots are the words on everyone’s lips in terms of consumer experience. Retain and satisfy your shoppers by incorporating the latest chatbot services within your site design. Blackbelt can guide you on the most appropriate messenger applications for your store. Your AI chat services can then provide your shoppers with fast responses to queries, vastly improving their shopping experience. AI should be at the forefront of your minds looking to 2019, as it has vastly revolutionized the expectations of shoppers and potential customers.

“AI allows companies to deliver [these] smarter, more personalized and predictive experiences that customers have come to expect.”Vala Afshar, HuffPost

Investing in customer support is proven to retain customers who will enjoy their shopping experience and be encouraged to return to your store when making future purchases.

Shopify Experts customer experience blog
customer expereince
Easier Checkouts

Many consumers become easily frustrated with a substandard checkout experience. A fast loading, user-friendly checkout experience is vital. As the final part of the process of a consumer making a sale, you can quickly lose out on business if your store fails to provide users with an enjoyable, straightforward process that works for them. By making it easy for customers to buy, you can develop trust with those who approve of your processes compare to competitors. Shopify experts provide plenty of solutions for checkout optimization, that, through the help of Blackbelt Commerce, can transform the checkout process for your customers.

Mobile First Commerce

Mobile devices will be the driving force behind E-Commerce sales in 2019. Capitalize on this with the help of Blackbelt by ensuring your Shopify store invests in a mobile-first experience. Easy navigation and accessibility should be your focus when it comes to shopper’s experiences and their mobile devices. It is becoming increasingly easier to do so with Shopify e-Commerce development, and take what we have learned further by implementing key features within your business’ user experience. By seeking innovative solutions in this ever-evolving market, you will be sure to stay ahead of competitors looking forward.

With 2019 just around the corner, your business should not be daunted, but see the new year as an opportunity to re-evaluate your e-commerce platform and the best practices to increase sales. Customer experience and retention can be improved through easier checkouts and chatbots, and businesses should maximize on opportunity through advanced filtering and cross sales. Blackbelt can help you navigate every process so that your Shopify store stands out in the new year, and for the right reasons.


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