How Insight Reports Can Help You Gain More Sales for Your Shopify Plus Store

Boosting sales and conversion rates means knowing your business inside and out, as well as your customers. Without knowing the behavior of your customers, you will be unable to understand what makes them tick.

It is this ‘ticking’ that’ll help you create a more effective marketing campaign.

Shopify Plus allows store owners to view customer reports. By doing so, they can gain a greater insight into who buys your products and why.

Once you know the areas of improvement, Blackbelt Commerce can offer the very best Shopify experts to help refine your Shopify store. Through knowledge and expertise, Shopify web developers will fix any issues to help boost sales.

“You can’t wait for customers to come to you. You have to figure out where they are, go there and drag them back to your store.”

– Paul Graham, Y COMBINATOR

Not sure where to start?

The following guide is going to navigate you through how to read the insight reports to your advantage.

View Your Finance Reports

Uncover insights as to why customer choose to buy from you. Ask yourself, “How am I doing?”

Shopify Plus (and Shopify Advanced) uses finance reports to track all sales, payments, and refunds across your store. Use them to answer any questions you may have about your online store.

While it may be overwhelming to overlook your finance reports, at a glance, you will see:

  • The total amount of sales
  • Taxes
  • Payments
  • Gift cards

To make it even easier, all the above will be segmented into each month. Plus, the one-click Financial Summary is useful at tax time so that you or an accountant can ensure everything adds up.

Overlooking your financial reports on a monthly basis allows you to determine whether your business is on track. Ask yourself:

  • What were my net sales the past month?
  • What is the number of payments I have processed in the last 30 days?

Analyze At-Risk Customers Reports

There are many types of customers. Some are promising, loyal and active, whereas others are at-risk or dormant. By seeing the types of customers visiting your store, you can see who to say “Thank you” to, and the customers who may need a promotion to keep them happy.

Retain customers by:

  • Providing support
  • Asking for their feedback
  • Offering discounts (but keep these frequent)

If they proceed to leave, ask them why they have canceled their accounts by asking for a reason. By doing so, you can learn from any mistakes you may have made.

Utilize First-Time vs. Returning Customer Reports

If you wish to improve your targeting methods, first of all, you need to know where your sales are coming from. By using the first-time vs. returning customer reports, you can put the spotlight on the customers frequenting your online store.

“You can’t just open a website and expect people to flood in. If you really want to succeed you have to create traffic.”

– Joel Anderson, Walmart CEO

The reports offer a full breakdown of your store’s sales so that you can keep a close eye on the growth of each segment. Then, adjust your marketing campaigns to retain your new customers while also keeping returning customers interested.

For instance, if you have more new customers appearing on your store, you may wish to push discounts and promotions for those who subscribe. Once they subscribe, you can remain in contact with your first-time customers through email marketing, hopefully converting them into reoccurring customers.

If you are struggling to find a way to entice first-time customers, or do not know how to best retain the ones you already have, speak to Shopify experts who can offer guidance. They can help you with the following:

  • Obtaining customer feedback
  • Improve communication methods
  • Advance customer experience

These reports are available for all merchants on Shopify or Shopify Advanced plans, as well as Shopify Plus. Use them to your e-commerce store’s advantage.

Review Customers Over Time Reports

Knowing when your customers created an account or made their first purchase can help you determine a pattern – if there is one.

You may find that there is a spike in traffic and conversion rates during a specific season or month. For instance, if you sell mostly coats but also a few shirts, the number of customers frequenting your website should be influx.

When you know numbers are low, increase your marketing methods to draw more traffic to your e-commerce store. Or, if you are unsure on the best way to proceed, enlist the services of Shopify experts or a Shopify developer.


By using the above reports, any business owner with a Shopify store will be able to target their customers better, view their finances and boost sales to their e-commerce store. In this digital age, it is imperative to analyze the data given to you so that you can keep customers happy, see your most profitable (and least profitable) months.

If you are unsure on how to use information and figure to your advantage, Blackbelt Commerce’s team of Shopify experts can offer an array of Shopify services. Enlisting the help of a trusted Shopify developer means they can use the data to streamline your online store’s functionality while concocting a digital marketing cam


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