Shopify Plus: What Happens After A Migration?

“During a huge sale we were just looking at the site thinking… ‘when is it going to crash?’ … BUT IT NEVER DID. What a relief.”
– Dollcake after migrating to Shopify Plus

Before joining Shopify Plus, Dollcake experienced a lot of hindering issues with their previous website platform. After moving to Shopify Plus, they’ve experienced a huge increase in uptime, load speed, and their site has never crashed, even during their spectacular and highly-followed launches. The site also now integrates directly with their accounting system, has an upgraded currency converter to cater to their increasingly-international market, and more.

If that sounds like a system you’d like to implement into your own business, then a Shopify Plus Migration might be for you.

We’ve had many clients move to Shopify from other systems, too.

Common Issues With Other Systems We’ve Helped Solve By Moving Them To Shopify, Include:

  • Crashing during sales, causing thousands of dollars in lost revenue
  • Slow load times
  • The need to hire full-time staff to manage databases, fix frequent errors and monitor the system
  • The high cost of hosting content (images, descriptions, videos, etc.) on their system, which pushes monthly IT costs way up
  • Inability to scale: Once they reach a certain level (normally $10K+ per month in sales), managing orders and tracking the administrative side often becomes a time-consuming and error-prone, requiring a lot of human involvement instead of automated systems to handle everything.

How Does A Shopify Plus Migration Happen?

Most Shopify Plus setups take between six and eight weeks, depending on the complexity of the store being migrated. It’s a collaborative process: together with the store owner, we…

  • Collect the product listing (usually in a CSV to make it easy)
  • Work out the design brief (such as whether we keep the current design or change it, whether we keep the same logo and so on)
  • Set the shipping requirements and any additional functionality features
  • Create logins for the key systems (like the mailing list, old website, shipping system)
  • Set up the payment gateway and any apps
  • Settle on a content strategy — should we re-use the existing content (About Us, Refund Policy etc), or create new material?

So, what do you end up with at the end of all this?

Many of our Shopify Plus clients have seen the following benefits, almost immediately after launch:

    • Zero downtime, fast load speeds at all times, including during traffic spikes and launches (example: Dollcake)
    • Saving TONS of time through automation for shipping, order printing, direct feeds into accounting systems, product sales, and other automations (Example: Melbourne Snowboard)
    • Increased conversions through clever features like auto-loading of addresses (thanks to Shopify’s customized checkout) and optimized calls to action (Example: Melbourne Snowboard)
    • Multi-regional expansion, enabling sales into different currencies and countries (Examples: Quad Lock)

These are just a few of the benefits we’ve seen from clients who’ve switched to Shopify Plus.

Want more information about moving from BigCommerce, Volusion®, or Mozu® with a FREE migration of all your data? Contact us for a free, no-obligation chat.

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