Major Update: Shopify IP Redirect

By Cesar Beltran
Major Update: Shopify IP Redirect created by shopifyexperts
This post is about a major update to the IP Redirect Plugin.  As background – in 2014, we helped solved a major problem on Shopify: IP Redirects. Sometimes, if you have two stores, you want to redirect customers from one store to another (Example: the UK + US Stores). We solved this via an easy-to-install plugin you can add to your store. The details of the plugin can be found here →.

The Country Selector (IP Redirect) for Shopify, which allows businesses with multiple stores to redirect from one store to another, has just been updated in a big way.

What’s new?

Summary: It’s way more stable, and faster.


  • We have now created our very own server for the IP Redirects. Before, we were using an external service. This worked great for a while, but the problem was, it was shared with other people. Because of this, after a long period of time of working well, gradually it became less reliable and sometimes it was a bit slow.
  • To fix this, we created our own instance of the IP Redirect Technology, on our own server. Now we’re not sharing with lots of people – only with our customers. This will make it much more stable, and faster.

How Can I Get The Update?

  • If you have already downloaded the IP Redirect Plugin, you’ll receive an update via email from us. Please send an email to support[at] with your order confirmation details, and we’ll send you the update directly if you didn’t get it.
  • If you haven’t downloaded it yet but want it, you can grab the download any time, instantly, here.


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    1. Hello Sean, yes, we our technical staff is working on a soution. We will be sending all users an update as soon as possible.

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