Shopify IP Redirect Upgrade: Now With Relative URLs!

By Cesar Beltran
SHOPIFY IP REDIRECT UPGRADE created by the best Shopify experts

Our Shopify IP Redirect, used by hundreds of store owners around the globe to direct customers based on their location, just had another upgrade.

What’s new: You can now use ‘relative redirects’.  In plain English, this means:

If you have two stores, you can redirect between individual pages or products, rather than sending customers to the homepage

For example, if you had a US “.com” site and a Canadian “.ca” site, you can redirect between the individual pages.  If someone lands on the “About Us” page of your USA site but they live in Canada, you can send them to the “About Us” page of the Canadian store, instead of sending them to the Canadian homepage and making them navigate manually.

To do this, you need consistency across the two stores.  For example, with a .com and .ca Shopify site, you’d need to have it set up like this:

    And so-on.

Then, inside the redirect settings, you’d check “Use Relative Redirects”, and the plugin will take care of the rest:


We’re excited about this upgrade is it’s been an oft-requested featured.  You can see all the details or download the IP Redirect For Shopify here.

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