A Guide to Getting Your E-Commerce Store Ready for Christmas

Tis the season for a lot of business to come your way, but without the proper preparation far too many businesses aren’t going to capitalize on the opportunity. You can sell so much, but you need to remember that when it comes to shopping this season, it will mostly be done for other people.

Online shopping has taken a lot of stress from the holiday season off of consumers. They can find the perfect gift without too much hassle, but that doesn’t mean they always know what to get.

If you, as an online seller, can advertise and provide the right tools right on your website, you can boost sales. This means more than just having a banner that claims a customer can find something for everyone on their list. It means going above and beyond.

You will want to hire Shopify experts in order to accomplish this, but the rewards can be huge. If you don’t already have an online component to your business, then make it a priority.

Shopify allows for incredible customization and scaling opportunities, and so long as you follow the top Shopify Examples you can create a great looking site in no time at all.

Tis the Season for Lots and Lots ofSales 

In numbers, Christmas is huge for retailers. Every single person, on average, spends at least $800 during the season. Even in 2008, when the economy crashed and everyone’s budget was tight, the average spending was still $600 per person.

This is huge, but to cash in on this, you will need to appeal to your demographic in new ways.

For small or medium-sized stores, this is your chance to shine. With a great Shopify developer like Blackbelt Commerce, you can transform your store to become the perfect holiday solution.

Online shopping is growing dramatically, after all, and forty percent of online purchases are done through a mobile phone.

How to Prepare Your Online Store

To prepare your online store, you will need to have specialists on hand to help you. For instance, our experts at Blackbelt Commerce specialize in Shopify Shortcodes and Shopify SEO, so we can help you create the ultimate holiday site that sees organic traffic and high conversion rates.

Add Some Merriment to Your Theme

The first change will be to update your design to reflect the season. The right colors and images can go a long way towards helping customers feel happy and in the giving mood.

Examples of how you can add this merriment include:

  • Decking out your front page to follow a Christmas Theme
  • Add Christmas-themed icons, like a present instead of the shopping cart
  • Offer Special Christmas offers, like free wrapping with shipment
Offer A Season Full of Discounts and Codes

A Shopify discount code will go a long way towards enticing customers to you. Knowing how to create a discount code can help you create a series of discounts to keep customers coming back again and again.

You can, for example, add:

  • Twelve Days of Christmas Sales
  • Loyalty Discounts

Discounts encourage people to buy more, even if they are not necessarily looking for something to buy.

Give People a Reason to Return

Having a series of discounts can help encourage users to revisit your site again and again throughout the holiday season. The more often they return, the more likely they will buy something they had their eye on.

How to Help Your Customers Find the Perfect Gift

What will really set your site apart and help you boost Christmas sales is giving your customers a few, free resources that will help them pick out that perfect present.

“When you give a gift to someone, what you are actually doing is speaking to them.” Tom O’Leary

Create a Quiz

One of the best ways to do this is to create custom quizzes that will direct customers to great choices for whoever is on their list. This quiz will need to be integrated professionally into your site, or added professionally through a Shopify redirect, to make using said quiz seamless and easy.

This way your customers, who don’t know exactly what to buy, can find something perfect for the special people in their lives. You, in turn, get a boost in sales.

Create a Series of Blogs

Another great resource to offer is a series of blogs on your site. Offer a variety of gift and holiday season suggestions. You can have guest posts from top customers that give a more human and personal element to your brand.

Have a Great Return Policy

Christmas return policies must always be aware of the season. For example, you can have a return policy that allows for returns up to 12 days after Christmas Day.

You could even find ways for customers to return products via post if you have a lot of international or non-local sales. A great return policy is what will encourage users to take a chance on a gift.

Our team of Shopify experts understands that when it comes to Christmas, it’s the ideal time to get your website ready for the extra traffic. The above tips can help you entice customers not only for Christmas but for any time of year. If you need help, always bring on a Shopify developer so that they can manage your Shopify store for you.


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