PayPal On Shopify: Discount Codes Before PayPal Checkout (a.k.a. “How Do I Show The Discount Code Box BEFORE Taking The Customer To PayPal?”)

By Cesar Beltran

One common question about PayPal on Shopify is:

How do I show the discount code box BEFORE taking the customer to PayPal? Customers are emailing me asking where to enter the discount code.

This can be worrying to customers: if they don’t see the discount code box early on in the process, they may think they won’t be able to enter it (and end up paying full price). Disaster!


How It Works

In terms of the PayPal page and when the discount box is shown – this has nothing to do with your Shopify Theme. It will work the same regardless of which theme you’re using.

What determines this is the PayPal solution you’re using. PayPal has several different ‘versions’, all with differing price-points. This can be infinitely complex if you want it to be, but here’s the simple version:

Most basic, cheapest PayPal Level: PayPal Express Checkout. This is the ‘default’, is free to set up and is the most common. The downside? It takes users away from the website, to PayPal, then returns them back to enter any discounts. If you’re not sure which level you’re using, you can go to Admin > Preferences > Checkout and it should tell you which version you’re using.

Next level up: PayPal Advanced: Very similar, except that the client will enter discount coupons before going to checkout, and you can add your own logo to the PayPal page. This is $5-$10 a month. It’s a little complex to set up, but can be done in a couple of hours (we have done it for clients in the past, including Little Island Kitchen).

Next level up: PayPal Pro. $30/month. With this one, users don’t get taken away from your website at all.

How do I set this up?

In your Shopify Admin, go to Settings > Checkout. Up the top, you’ll see the PayPal section. Follow the instructions there and you should be good to go.


Of course, if you want to veer away from PayPal all together, there are other options for credit card processing, like Stripe in the US, and eWay / SecurePay in Australia.


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  1. No this info is incorrect. Shopify make our customers go right through to the ‘make payment’ stage (regardless of Paypal or C/C) before you are able to enter a discount code. Countless forums on this and Shopify will still not fix it. We are all waiting for a competitor to arrive so we can leave Shopify quickly.

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