Shopify IP Redirect: Popup Upgrade Now Available!

Our famous Shopify IP Redirect has just had an upgrade to add a much-requested feature… popup mode! This allows you to ask users if they want to be redirected, in a popup.

It looks like this:

IP redirect for Shopify with Popup Mode2

Of course, there are settings for you to upload your own logo, change the wording, and change the button colors as well.

What’s New?

We added a Popup Mode for the Country Selector IP Redirect. Now IP Redirect has three ways of switching people between stores:  via a small bar at the top of the page, automatically redirecting them, and now a popup that will show in the middle of the page.

To be clear, once you have the plugin, you only need ONE of these modes enabled — either redirect them automatically, OR ask them in a popup, OR ask them via the top bar (not all three).

How Can I Get The New Version?

This popup feature is only available in the “Ultra” version of the plugin (the one with the most features).  You can find all the details or download the IP Redirect for Shopify, here.

You can see the demo over here.

Already Have The IP Redirect?

  • If you have already downloaded the “Ultra” version of the IP Redirect, we’ve already sent you an email with a link to download the new version.  That is totally optional — you don’t need to download this version if you don’t need the popup.  Your old version will continue working as normal.
  • If you have downloaded a different version of the IP redirect (e.g. the Basic or the Advanced version) which does not contain the Popup Mode, you can opt for a paid upgrade to this latest version.  Please email support[at]shopifyninjas[dot]com if you’d like to do this.

Please note:  If you have previously installed the IP Redirect, or have used a paid installation, this will need to be re-done.  Of course, this version also comes with comprehensive installation guidelines that cover all you need to know.

But, if you prefer to have someone else install it, please keep in mind this will need to be re-done if you upgrade.

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