The Most Exciting E-commerce ​​Marketing Trends for 2019

It remains imperative that marketers and business owners are aware of the evolving marketing trends that are making an impact on sales. This is why we at Blackbelt Commerce are keeping track of the most exciting ecommercemarketing trends for 2019.

As Shopify experts, it is vital to know what’s ‘in’ and what’s ‘out.’ However, it is also essential to understand which trends suit their business model. 

If you stick to using tried marketing methods, then chances are that you will start to fall behind your competitors. Your sales figures will also beginto drop. 

If you want to avoid that, then here are the seven most exciting marketing trends that your Shopify ecommercestore owners should be looking at in 2019.

High Street Changes

Retailers who focus solely on their brick and mortar stores look set for yet another year of spiraling sales figures. You will need to evolve your Shopify store.

Failing to prioritize your Shopify ecommercesales will mean that you go the way of other high street stores. 

The Rise of the Bot

If you’re not yet using chatbots in your Shopifyecommercestore,then you are already falling behind. 2018 saw chatbots being usedfor:

  • Marketing 
  • Customer service 
  • Sales

They continue to improve in their effectiveness. 

Artificial intelligence is improving exponentially. Integrating bots into your Shopify e-commerce development is proving to be more than just a trend but the future of online selling.

Benefits of Direct B2C Channels

There’s no disputing that social media will continue to play a large part in marketing for 2019. This is largely because Shopify developersat Blackbelt Commerce understand that social media can be usedas a directline straight to their audience. 

It’s not just social media either. 

Don’t underestimate the effectiveness of email bursts that allow you to communicate directly from your business straight into a potential customers inbox.

Voice Sales

One of the fastest emerging trends in 2018, and one that looks set to explode in 2019,is due to the growing number of smart home devices. Forward-thinking marketers have already started shifting the focus of their content to make it easier to find via voice searches, but now the onus is on making direct sales through smart devices themselves. 

Thiswill mean prioritizing your keyword use in product descriptions, because if someone is sitting at home and they ask Siri or Alexa for options for a new jacket or customized furniture, then your relevant product should appear. 

Retargeting your content sothat is easier to find through voice searches is going to become more importantas smart technology continues to improve.

The Amazon Problem

Every ecommerceseller has cursed Amazon at some point. Their online dominance is one of the reasons why some people are wary of entering the online selling community. 

With their access to customer data and their ability to slash prices quickly, it is impossible to compete with them. Nor should you try. Instead make sure that you:

  • Stick to your prices
  • Go niche
  • Use Amazon to sell and promote your brand
  • Avoid launching special offers on Amazon
  • Ensure the customer journey on your website is seamless

While no amount of marketing that you do will allow you to beat Amazon in sales, you can develop and strengthen your ownbrand through the smart use of the hugeecommerceleader.

Mobile Growth

Mobile browsing and shopping are more popular than ever, and this is a trend that is not going anywhere in 2019. You need to ensure that site visitors using mobile devices have just as smooth an experience as those on laptops and PCs. 

There has also been a steady increase in the number of people making payments directly through smartphones. This means that you will need to ensure that you allow for this option in order to avoid shopping cart abandonment at the last minute.

Influencer Marketing

The rise of the micro-influencer has been a massive boon for Shopify developers. As a low-cost marketing tactic, micro and nano-influencers are fast becoming the single most popular marketing format of 2019.

Be aware of the risks of choosing the wrong influencers. 

Always do your research into potential Instagram collaborators, and ensure that there are high levels of engagement on their posts. Too many businesses have made the mistake oflooking at follower numbers rather than engagement, and that can prove disastrous. 

“Influencers are people. People (or maybe personas) with a brand and an audience. What makes them attractive to advertisers is their ability to speak to a very defined group of fans.”

Mike Schmidt, Founder Dovetale

The combination of new technologies and the evolving demands of consumers is continuing to affect marketing trends in 2019. Make sure that you identify the trends that will benefit your brand. You could be on the cutting-edge of customer service. 

Failing to take note of the latest and most effective marketing trends of 2019 could see your Shopify e-commerce outlet falling behind your competitors quickly.


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