Shopify Store: Show “More Colors” If A Product Has Multiple Color Variants

On your Shopify store, have you ever wondered how to show a link to “More colors” ONLY for products that have multiple colors? You might want to do this as well:

  • Encourage customers to click through to the product page and see more Color options
  • Tell customers that more colors are available – not only the one in the photo

Here’s what it will look like once you’re done adding “More Colors” to your collection grid on your Shopify store:

Shopify Shote Show More Colors for Products With Color Variants

Step 1: Open Your Theme Editor In The Shopify Store

Firstly, do a backup of your theme.  Next go to Online Store > Themes > Click Edit HTML/CSS (tutorial here).  This will open your theme editor.

Step 2: Find Your Product Loop

Inside your theme, there’ll be a product loop file.  What this does is a loop through all the products wherever you see a product grid. For example, on your homepage, on collection pages, in Related Products, and so-on.

It depends on the theme, but normally it will be located under the Snippets folder, and will usually be called something like:

  • product-grid.liquid
  • product-listing.liquid
  • product-thumbnail.liquid

Or similar.  Find that file, and open it up.

Step 3:  Insert The Code (Below)

Once you’ve found it, you need to find where the price is being shown, so we can insert the code underneath it.  That is, if you want it to look like the screenshot above.  (If you want it somewhere else, e.g. above the price, you could do that too, just change where you paste it).  For now, let’s assume we want the “Other colors” link to show underneath the price in the product grid, like the screenshot above.

In that case, look for {{ product.price }} or {{ product.price_min }} in your file by using CTRL+F to find.  (Or you could just look for ‘price’ and it will likely show up as well.)

Once you’ve found it, insert the code below:

{% assign option_index = 0 %}
{% for option in product.options %}
{% capture downcased_option %}{{ option | downcase }}{% endcapture %}
{% assign option_index = forloop.index0 %}
{% assign how_many_options = 0 %}
{% assign current_options = '' %}
{% for variant in product.variants %}
{% assign current_option = variant.options[option_index] %}
{% unless current_options contains current_option %}
{% if how_many_options > 0 %}
{% assign current_options = current_options | join: '|' | append: '|' %}
{% endif %}
{% assign current_options = current_options | append: current_option %}
{% assign current_options = current_options | split: '|' | sort %}
{% assign how_many_options = current_options | size %}
{% endunless %}
{% endfor %}

{% unless option == "Title" %}
{% if current_options.size > 1 and option contains "Colo"%}
More Colors >
{% endif %}
{% endunless %}
{% endfor %}

Step 4: Save.

Save the file. Then refresh your collection grid (e.g. by going to and you should see it there.


  • You can change “More Colors >” to whatever text you want, e.g. “Show more colors”, “See other options”, etc.
  • We check for “Colo” above, to account for both Color (American English) and ColoUr (British/Australian English).

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