Sell More On Your Shopify Store: Free eCourse, BitCoin In Plain English, and Kickstarter Launches In Australia

By Cesar Beltran
Sell More On Your Shopify Store: created byshopify website developers

Today, three outstanding resources to help you sell more on your Shopify store.

(I don’t make a dime out of recommending these — I just think they’re great, and they fit our mission of helping Shopify Store owners make bigger, fatter sales.)

1. 50 Steps To Making Your First Sale – Free Course From Shopify

This free Course from Shopify was released yesterday and is a comprehensive and well-written guide to a massive range of elements to running an online store: Social Media, Advertising, Content Marketing, Search Engines, and more.

Grab the eCourse (free) here.

2. How Bitcoin Works And The Impact On E-Commerce (Works With Shopify)

Heard some juicy gossip about BitCoin, but not sure how it’ll impact on E-commerce? This post from Terry Lin at Build My Online Store (who once hosted me for a podcast) explains bitcoin — and its impact — in plain English.  After reading this post, I think I finally understand what Bitcoin is about.  Well worth a look, since you can use Bitcoin on Shopify now, too.

Here’s the post: How Bitcoin Works and the Impact on E-Commerce >>


3. Kickstarter comes to Australia

For the Aussies out there, have you considered using Kickstarter to gain initial funding for your idea or business? Lots of Shopify stores have used Kickstarter to raise money (some, hundreds of thousands of dollars) — and now Australian stores can do this too.

Notable Kickstarter-funded Shopify stores include Original Grain ($392,000, Shopify, Kickstarter) and Coffee Joulies ($306,000, Shopify, Kickstarter).  Who says you can’t be next?

Here’s the announcement from Kickstarter – now available in Australia – where you can learn more >>

Kickstarter Australia


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