New Design: Bilingual Shopify Theme

By Cesar Beltran
New Design: Bilingual Shopify Theme created by shopify developers

Since its launch in July of 2013, the Bilingual Shopify Theme has helped hundreds of store owners worldwide, to create Shopify stores in over 12 languages.  That’s something we’re proud of, and we’re grateful for the support.

We also listen.

Understandably, the design of our first Bilingual Theme — the “Bilingual Coffee House” style — didn’t suit everyone.  So, we created another, newer, vintage-based style which we are releasing today:  Introducing the Quebec Sunglasses Bilingual Theme For Shopify.

Click here to see the demo store, or click here to download the theme.

Bilingual French Theme Quebec Sunglasses - Home Bilingual French Theme Quebec Sunglasses - Product Page

As with all our Shopify Themes, it comes with robust features based on our work with over 150 Shopify stores, including:


  • Caters for two languages, giving you the ability to create a bilingual store.
  • Caters for ANY and ALL languages.
  • Beautiful frontpage slideshow
  • Responsive design to suit smartphones, tablets, laptops, desktops, and everything in between.
  • Hundreds of other robust features, all of which you can see on the demo store.

Click here to see the demo store, or click here to download the theme.


Thank you for keeping up to date with our Shopify Insider Blog @ Blackbelt Commerce. Please make sure to check out our services. We also have some top blog recommendations for you to check out; Shopify In Multiple Languages, 5 beautiful bilingual shopify store, it is almost here: Bilingual shopify e-commerce store,  and Media Gallery For Shopify. As always, keep a lookout for new blog posts.

Questions?  We’d love to answer them in the comments, or via [email protected].

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