Boost Your Sales With These Cool Tools

Once you’ve got your Shopify store up and running, you’ll want to focus on increasing your sales as much as possible. These 3 tools will help you do just that, and are quick and easy to set up.


Hello Bar is a clever tool that allows you to send the right messages to your potential customers at just the right moment.

It’s simply a small bar that sits at the top of your website, with a line of text that you can customize to show whatever you want.

You can use Hello Bar to direct visitors to any action you can imagine. Some popular options include…

  • Drive more sales: direct visitors to particular products or sales pages
  • Increase email subscriptions: take visitors to a landing page with a subscription field
  • Boost your social media presence: take visitors to a landing page that encourages them to follow you & share your posts

It looks like this:

The Hello Bar is persistent. This means that it stays at the top of the page as the visitor scrolls down, allowing you to make it very clear what you want them to do on your site.  

Best of all? It’s very easy to set up and customize yourself. Hello Bar has a simple visual editor with fields for you to enter your message and links There is also a color palette for you to play with.

Once you’ve got it looking good, you copy a snippet of code, paste it to your site’s <body> tag, and you’re done. Your Hello Bar will start directing visitors immediately.


Humans are highly influenced by what other people are doing. When it comes to sales and marketing, this concept is called social proof – people are more likely to follow your directives if they know someone else has before them.

That’s why testimonials and sales figures are used so extensively – they are social proof for prospective customers.

But sometimes you need something a little more subtle. That’s where Notify comes in

This app displays orders being placed with your store in near real-time on the front end of your website. So for a visitor who’s browsing a product page, they’ll see a little notification that ‘So-and-So from [their city] just bought [product]!’

Screen Shot 2015-12-21 at 9.55.19 am

Notify allows you to encourage purchases in a live environment, by providing cumulative social proof. You can customize it to fit your branding. You can also choose where it displays on the page, and which pages it displays on. It’s also mobile-friendly and has built-in analytics.


Friendbuy is a referral program that allows your customers to send personalized messages to their friends about what your products. It means you can reward customers for sending their friends your way and incentivize those friends with first-time purchase bonuses.

To set up your referral system, you select a template to customize with a cool image and message. Friendbuy displays the image on the thank-you page after a purchase has been completed, along with a personalized URL for that customer. The customer shares this URL in an email or on their social media. When any of their friends purchase via that link, both people get whatever reward you’ve decided on:

You can also feature your referral program in an obvious spot on your website to encourage visitors to share with their friends:

What are your favorite tools for boosting your Shopify sales? If you’ve got any questions about these tools, just leave us a comment and we’ll get back to you!

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