5 Indispensable Tools For Communicating With Web Developers

Sometimes we’re asked:

What are the best tools you use to work with clients? Minimise email? Make things faster?

Over the past years building up Shopify Ninjas from a one-man small-time show to one of Shopify’s biggest specialized development teams, I’ve discovered several systems that help make projects smooth. Below are my favorites. (There are no affiliate links; they’re just things I love.)

If you’re a store owner wanting to work with developers, you may like to see if they use these (since they’re tried-and-trusted), and if you’re a developer, consider them for your projects.

Whoever you are, they’re likely to make your life easier. For store owners, we also have a Shopify-specific toolkit.

On to the life-saving web development toolsets…

Project Management: Basecamp.

Put simply, BaseCamp will save you tons of time, and tons of headaches. Store everything related to your project in one place: files, comments, to-do lists, and documents. We use BaseCamp for our projects and it’s great for communicating across continents (our team is spread across 3 of them!), and clients can see exactly what’s happening.


Honorable mention: A free, also decent version is Trello. Not as robust as BaseCamp, but a nice freebie.

Figuring Out Requirements: Google Docs

There’s nothing that makes me warm and fuzzy quite like a Google Document for requirements. Need to tell a web developer what you want, list out apps you need, and get their comments? This is the fastest way when setting up a project.

Create a document, get your developer to comment on it, and finalize the details. Once done, move on to BaseCamp to execute the project (as above).

Google Docs

Testing across devices: Screenfly

Screenfly is a great, free tool for testing across phones/tablets/desktops at all kinds of sizes. We use it for testing. I did a detailed write-up of Screenfly over here.

Screenshots: Skitch + Evernote

The price is right, again — this is another wonderful free tool. With Skitch, you can create annotations and screenshots that make things easy to understand. I use it for communication with clients every day and love it.



Those are the essentials for communicating with web developers across continents and timezones (at least some that I have found invaluable).


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Something I missed? Questions about these? I’d love to hear in the comments.

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