How To Best Utilize Features of Shopify Plus For Your Business

For any e-commerce business looking to innovate and increase expansion and outreach, looking to the Shopify experts can help to boost your business significantly. Here at Blackbelt, we know how important it is to keep up with competitors. Looking forward, a business needs to seek ways to retain and engage with customers old and new. Read on to learn how to best utilize features of Shopify plus for your business.

Multi-channel commerce

The best way to retain customers is to make yourself accessible on all platforms they are present on. With Shopify plus, you can launch and optimize sales channels across multiple online marketplaces and social media. Don’t get left behind and be active on the sites where your customers are, and see how your business immediately benefits. List your products natively through sites such as:

  • Amazon
  • eBay
  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Messaging Apps
  • Pinterest

How can multi-channel commerce benefit my business?

Multi-channel commerce can help your business stand out from the rest, less so in what you are offering your customers, but more so in the way you function as an e-commerce business. Say goodbye to complicated and convoluted processes that hold you back, though multi-channel commerce. With Shopify plus, you can remove challenging processes involved in campaigns, by optimizing multi-channel campaigns, from orders to inventory.

Greater Scalability

Through utilizing an e-commerce platform that is scalable and flexible you can ensure that you aren’t held back by technology. With unlimited bandwidth and scalable SaaS hosting, you can utilize the features of Shopify Plus, so you are working with a reliable platform, which is also a completely self-hosted system. Servers offer 99.99% uptime so you can keep up with your customer’s needs. Remove the worry that heavy traffic will cause slow site speeds affecting your Shopify services.

Customer – Friendly Customization

From modifications for the checkout page to responsive features on your homepage, Shopify plus can take customer experience one step further. You can do this through:

  • Customizable themes
  • Adaptable homepage layouts
  • Vibrant user experiences

Your customization can also be adapted to customer’s spending habits. Personalized discounts and offers are a sure-fire way to entice customers to come back. Not only can you potentially increase sales, but you can show your customers you care and value their custom. This goes a long way in the world of e-commerce.

mobile shopping

Go Mobile

Going mobile, if you haven’t already, can instantly boost your business, as mobile commerce is paving the way for consumer behavior. It only looks to increase looking forward, so get on board. Shopify e-commerce features in collaboration with Shopify plus can give you an app that allows you to:

  • Manage your products in the app through setting pricing and uploading product photos
  • Process your orders simply, with conversion details provided
  • Respond to real-time information, and see live sales and visitor traffic

With the Shopify app not only are providing means for customers to buy your products anytime, anywhere, you are also benefitting through data collation and analysis.

Integration and apps

Shopify partners with over 1100 app developers to add more sophisticated features for your campaigns. You can find and utilize the best apps that work in collaboration with your business, and with all apps verifies by the Shopify experts, your business won’t be wasting time.

How can these apps help my business?

The apps available through Shopify e-commerce and Shopify Plus can see your customers access your services day or night, 24/7. With 197 billion mobile app downloads in 2017 alone, keep up with the demand by providing your customers with apps to help ensure their buying experience is as personal as possible. With parcel tracker apps, customer support messenger apps and return solutions, your customers can find apps to solve any problem they have. These apps also mean that your business’ resources can be spent where they should be, with no frustrating setbacks.

The benefits of a partners’ program

Join a network of agencies and technology providers who can provide solutions and tools to problems that could be setting you back. This may include:

  • Creative concerns
  • Marketing solutions
  • Experimental practices

You can build your business and brand and accelerate your growth simultaneously through the community of merchants already on board with Shopify Plus. Turn to the Shopify service of technology partners for assistance with product development, mobile app development, business intelligence and reporting and point of sale to name a few.

Features of this service also include:

  • Exclusive resources, product updates, and events to keep you regularly in the know
  • A community of agencies who are leading in the industry
  • Access to commerce technologies to help you succeed

Automation features

Say goodbye to time-consuming manual tasks and utilize the automation platform available through Shopify Plus. Shopify Flow can set up custom back-end workflows with triggers, conditions, and actions. For any processes that regularly occur with your e-commerce business, be that customers, payments or other admin, you can utilize this tool to automatically trigger a response based on a criterion that you set. These workflows are set by you and can help to tie up any loose ends for a more fluid.

Blackbelt can help guide you through the best practices to make sure you are making the most of Shopify Plus. With features including multi-channel commerce, greater scalability, customer friendly customization, and app integration, you can see engagement in your e-commerce store reach its full potential.


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