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Add Flags To Your Currency Converter

For Shopify

Tired of the boring, plain ol' Shopify Currency Converter?

Want to use flags to improve your conversions and give your customers a more visual way to choose their currency?

Our flag-based currency converter for Shopify was built based on many real-life businesses, during over 150 Shopify Projects.  It's the easiest, fastest way to set up a currency converter with flags for Shopify.

Click here to see the demo >>

Used by scores of successful businesses, including these clients
(click to view): Squeakerdogs, Negergy, Stripteas.

What You Get

  • Copy-and-paste code (10 minute setup) for the flag-based currency converter.

    [Please note:  You will need to have the normal currency converter already set up in order for this add-on to work.  This add-on will extend the normal currency converter to have flags.  You can find more details on the normal currency converter here.]

  • Theme Settings so you can turn flags on/off at any time, show and hide the text labels, and other settings (for easy updating whenever you need to change)

  • 14 pre-packaged flag icons for Shopify's most popular currencies, including ARS, AUD, CAD, CFP, CHF, CNY, EUR, GBP, HKD, JPY, KRW, NZ, SEK and USD.

  • It's easy to add your own additional icons later if needed (we give you clear instructions to do this in a jiffy)

  • Clear, step-by-step instructions to set up the flags  in 5-10 minutes.  You do not need to be technical.

  • Our unbeatable 30-day guarantee.  If you're not happy with the add-on, just email us and we'll refund you in full.  (See here for over 70 positive reviews from happy customers).

  • Backed by Shopify Ninjas' famous customer support.

    Normally, this would take over 3 hours of development time to set up -- at least $300 with any decent developer. 

    We created this add-on to make it much easier (and cheaper!) for serious business owners to add flags to their currency converter. (Click here to see the demo >>)

Cost of this add-on: Just $37.

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