Shopify IP Redirect Upgraded: Now Up To 10 Stores!

By Cesar Beltran
SHOPIFY IP REDIRECT UPGRADED: NOW UP TO 10 STORES! created by the best Shopify experts

Our Shopify IP Redirect just received a big makeover, and became 5 times better!

Previously, you could redirect several stores to one location:  For example, the USA, Canada, and Mexico stores to a “North American” store.  It wasn’t possible to redirect several stores individually.  Now, it is.

Introducing The Advanced Shopify IP Redirect

Our IP Redirect now comes in two versions:

NEW – Advanced Redirect (Up to 10 stores)
If you have more than 2 stores, this is for you.  You can redirect up to 10 individual countries to their individual stores.

Point Canadian visitors to
Point US visitors to
Point Australian visitors to
And so-on, for up to 10 countries.

Grab the details here.

Basic IP Redirect (Two stores)
If you have two stores, this is for you.  It will allow you to redirect a portion of your traffic to another store, based on their country code.

If you have a Canada shop and a US Shop, you could:
Redirect visitors from Canada to your
Leave other visitors in your US store.

If this is you, choose the Basic Version below.
(If in doubt, choose this one – it’s the most common.)

Both versions have the option to force the redirect or show a question bar and come with our easy installation guide.  You can get the details or download the IP Redirect, specifically for Shopify, here.

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