Shopify Incoming Sales: Affiliates, Referrals and Coupons

By Cesar Beltran
Sometimes clients ask me about referrals, coupons, and how to manage affiliates.  Whilst I’m not the world’s biggest expert in this, I can offer some concrete suggestions.
Referrals:  If you just want to see where your traffic is coming from, check out your Google Analytics Dashboard > Traffic Sources > Sources > Overview.
Coupon Codes:  To understand who’s sending you paying traffic, you could set up some custom coupon codes.  For example, You give the coupon code “JBHiFi01” to the company JB Hifi, they put a link in their newsletter saying “Go to and use discount code “JBHiFi01″ to get 20% off”.
When people pay using that discount code, you’ll know JB Hi-Fi sent them to your store.  Here’s how you can set ’em up:
Affiliate tracking: If you’re wanting to track ‘affiliates’ – people who sent you traffic and get a percentage commission for doing so, here’s a handy little app:  There are several apps in the app store, but some of them don’t have positive reviews or are too pricey.  This one seems to fit well, as you only pay them once you get sales. The developer, Alex, is also very helpful and responsive
In this example, you’d tell other people they can get a commission on any sales they refer.  The customer pays the same amount, but you track where sales come from, and pay the affiliates in bulk (e.g. monthly).

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    1. Hey Sam! Small world indeed. Actually, I’m going to update this post right now. Wigify seems to have disappeared. My new recommendation, hands down, would be Refersion. It’s really good and the developer is super responsive. Here’s the link to check it out >

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