Our Designers worked with the owner of the store to create a unique custom landing and product pages–the bespoke design was directed by the client himself. The colors are elegant and while it is full of information it provides direct input and information about the European Milk products that they sell


The Collections pages were also highly customized as requested by the client

The product page focuses on giving lots of choices to the clients and educates the consumer on a number of key elements of the baby product they will be gettting.


This Shopify online store was highly customized – The team worked hand in hand with the client to deliver on his requirements.  We encounter a number of challenges with the theme and Shopify but we worked to solve all asks and implemented a bespoke site as it was discussed.

Visit:  The Formula Stork

Project Management: 

  • BlackbeltCommerce managed the design, development, and support
  • Communicated directly with the owner on a weekly basis
  • Implemented all pages as requested
  • Transition to client with training and support


  • Theme implementation and customazition
  • Front End Degvelopment: created Custom navagation, product pages and add to cart
  • CSS customization on majority of the pages
  • Scripts to ensure postioning of pages logo, colors, and sizes
  • Custom setting on all the pages created