1. **Color Scheme:** The site uses a mix of bright and muted colors, primarily blue, white, and black, reflecting its oceanic theme.

2. **Typography:** The website utilizes bold and regular fonts for easy readability and a modern look.

3. **Navigation:** A navigation bar at the top provides easy access to different product categories and a search function.

4. **Imagery:** High-quality, dynamic images with a beach or ocean backdrop are used to showcase products.

5. **Layout:** The website has a clean, organized grid layout with clearly divided sections.

6. **Product Pages:** These pages are detailed with multiple images, descriptions, and customer reviews, with a prominent ‘add to cart’ button.

7. **Footer:** The footer contains links to various other pages, social media links, and a newsletter signup.

8. **Mobile Responsiveness:** The website maintains its design across different devices, ensuring a good user experience on all platforms.

Overall, the design of the website is visually appealing, user-friendly, and aligns well with the brand’s identity.

The design of the Fire Pit LS Woven Dark Earth page on Captain Fin’s website is clean and minimalistic, focusing on the product itself. The high-quality product images are presented in a carousel format, allowing users to view the top from various angles.

The earthy color palette complements the product and reinforces the brand’s surf and outdoor lifestyle ethos.

The product description, size guide, and shipping information are clearly laid out and easy to read, enhancing user experience.

Overall, the page design is effective and visually appealing.

The Shopify expert developers went to work on customizations that would yield Captain higher conversion rates and better tracking of their prospects.

Visit: https://www.captainfin.com.au/

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