The Beyond the Blackboard homepage is a vibrant and engaging interface that immediately communicates its focus on children’s education. The design is colorful and playful, appealing to both children and adults. The navigation is clear and user-friendly, with distinct categories for different product types. The site uses high-quality, dynamic images of their products in use, creating an inviting atmosphere. Key information, such as featured products and best sellers, are prominently displayed, making shopping easy and intuitive. Overall, the design effectively conveys the brand’s commitment to enriching children’s learning experiences.

The Wobble Board product page on Beyond the Blackboard is clean and informative. The layout highlights the product image, with multiple views available. A concise description, key features, and customer reviews provide valuable insights. The ‘Add to Cart’ button is prominent, facilitating easy purchase. The design is simple yet effective, focusing on user experience and product details.

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The team at BlackbeltCommerce went to work on customizations that would yield BeyondtheBlackboard higher conversion rates and better tracking of their prospects.  This is a fully customized online store.  We worked with the client until we deployed the store.  We continue to help the client every week with ongoing updates.