This is the collections page – a simple yet clear page:

  1. Layout and Organization: The page is well-organized, with a grid-like layout that displays multiple swimwear items in a visually appealing manner. The items are presented in a consistent format, making it easy for users to browse through the collection.
  2. Visuals: The swimwear items are accompanied by high-quality images, allowing visitors to get a clear view of the products. The images are likely to be visually appealing and showcase the design, colors, and details of each swimwear piece effectively.
  3. Product Information: Each swimwear item is likely to be accompanied by relevant product information such as the name, price, available sizes, and a brief description. This

Here is the product page on the Anemos Los Angeles website. Here are some key observations:

  1. Header: The page includes the Anemos Los Angeles logo, a navigation menu, and a search bar. This allows users to easily navigate the website and access other pages or products.
  2. Product Image: We feature a prominent product image. This image is high-quality, allowing users to see the design, color, and details of the bikini bottom.
  3. Product Information: Besides the product image, there is a section providing detailed information about the product. This includes the product name, price, available sizes, color options, and a brief description of the design and features.
  4. Add to Cart/Buy Now: This lists a call-to-action button, such as “Add to Cart” or “Buy Now,” allowing users to add the product to their shopping cart and proceed to checkout.
  5. The page also includes additional sections or tabs with more information about the product, sustainability, and Shipping and returns.
  6. Customer Reviews: Depending on the website we may include customer reviews and ratings for the product. This can provide social proof and help users make informed purchasing decisions.
  7. Related Products: There is a section showcasing related products or suggesting complementary items that users may be interested in.

Blackbelt Commerce helped with the team to design and create the such as product pages, cart pages, navigation, and collection pages. We also conducted a usability review of mobile to increase ease of use and wrote scripts to assist with product management and navigation.

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