Showcase your business with a Media Page for Shopify.

A media page that actually works -- because we built it with Shopify Store owners in mind.

In over 400 Shopify projects, we've tried many solutions for a simple, easy-to-use Media Page.  We couldn't find one.

If you're reading this, you've probably tried building your own media page to showcase where you've been featured (magazines, TV, or Shark Tank), which is complex, frustrating and time-consuming.  Or maybe you've tried using a Shopify App instead.  We found them too expensive with unnecessary monthly fees.

There were no great solutions.  So we built one.

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What You Get

  • Copy-and-paste code (10 minute setup) for your very own media page.

    You can set this up yourself to save development time and cost.  Get started now, instead of waiting for a developer or paying monthly fees.

    The features include, for each article:
    * Show a thumbnail image like a magazine cover
    * Click it to enlarge
    * Add a link to the full article
    * Add text

    Supports up to 100 images on your media page.

  • Theme Settings so you can easily upload your media images and links.  Been featured in a magazine?  Show the cover, with a link to the full article.

    You can showcase up to 100 articles, each containing an image, URL to link to, title and sub-text.

  • One-off cost with no ongoing monthly fees.

    Other solutions like Shopify Apps have monthly fees that are often not worth the investment.  A media page is a one-time setup - why pay monthly?  Our plugin is a one-off, low-cost fee to save your store's budget.

  • Preset styles similar to our demo store that are tested and proven across multiple devices and themes.  We tested several solutions for this based on our work with over 400 Shopify clients.

  • Clear, step-by-step instructions to set up the gallery  in 5-10 minutes.  You do not need to be technical.

  • Our unbeatable 30-day guarantee.  If you're not happy with the add-on, just email us and we'll refund you in full.  (See here for over 130 positive reviews from happy customers).

  • Backed by Blackbelt Commerce's famous customer support.

    Normally, this would take over 10 hours of development time to set up -- at least $1000 with any decent developer. 

    We created this add-on to make it much easier (and cheaper!) for serious business owners like you to add a simple, good-looking and functional image gallery to your Shopify store. (Click here to see the demo >>)

Cost for the Media Gallery Plugin: Just $49.

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