Aquatic Supplies- Australia

Our business was plodding along very well, and then out of the blue we received a text message advising that our current shopping cart provider of 4+ years was deleting everything and closing down in a very short 60 days. Oh no!

As a small business owner, it was panic stations. What were we to do? To find and develop a new site within 60 days?! Whilst running our business? Impossible, or so we thought. Long story short and after a lot of googling and panic ridden phone calls, Shopify and Shopify Ninjas came highly recommended. Within 3 days of our initial email, our project was well underway.

Very soon our new website was up & running, it’s fantastic. Everything we asked for was done and much more, included quite a lot of customization and assisting with migrating data from our old store. Our queries & requests were responded to promptly throughout the project and they kept us fully informed. The team even included mini tutorials on how to run the site (with a few videos!) so we were able to manage the site long term.

From start to finish it was a dream. Thank you Shopify Ninjas.

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