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En esta página, estamos mostrando los logros significativos de nuestros desarrolladores de sitios web de Shopify.   Como parte superior Shopify Experts, estamos mostrando los excelentes resultados que hemos logrado.

Por favor, siéntase libre de navegar por las grandes críticas que nuestros clientes nos han dado. Estamos agradecidos a todos nuestros clientes por tomarse el tiempo para escribir tan grandes críticas. Y, también estamos muy orgullosos de la excelente clasificación de nuestros clientes que nuestros El equipo de comercio de Blackbelt ha recibido.

Hemos ganado marcas tan altas debido al tremendo trabajo que nuestro Shopify Expert Developers han hecho.  Nuestro equipo ha trabajado mano a mano con nuestros clientes para diseñar, crear, construir e implementar un diseño basado en conversiones hermoso, funcional y optimizado para las tiendas de comercio electrónico.

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Service for Client:   Fully Custom Store - Design, Development, Support  for 80% of Falon's Products Customizable by her Clients "Starting this project I had a vison to completely update and redesign a 20-year-old website. Cesar and the whole team at Blackbelt Commerce agreed to help me with that vision and worked non stop to make that vision come to life! I was very demanding with all the details I wanted many of which didn't even exist on other Shopify websites! But I was never given limits on what was possible. Blackbelt Commerce problem solved and coded and created my wildest dreams. As a fully custom eCommerce company being able to offer my full product line on a customer-engaging site has changed how we operate for the better. While the process was complex I was always kept informed and knew exactly where we were on our timeline the communication and even the follow-up after we went live was the best customer service I have ever received. This is a company and a team that love what they do."
Service for Client: Shopify SEO Program That works  - Organic Linkbuilding + Content Marketing
"I've been working with Cesar for several years and he and his team have produced excellent results for our website. Since working with him, our office's yearly gross revenue has gone from ~850k in 2018,  $1.2M in 2019, $1.8M in 2020, and to a projected $3M+ 2021. Here are some current past statistics (from 1.5 years ago)  on our website: - Health Score 92 (Green)    - Referring Domains up from 0, currently 92 - Backlinks up from 80, currently 441  -  - Organic Traffic from <100, currently > 1.5k - Health Score 92 (Green)   - Referring Domains up from 0, currently 92 - Backlinks up from 80, currently 44 - Organic Traffic from <100, currently > 1.5k - Traffic Value from <$200, currently ~$6k <em><strong>We've been taking advantage of their SEO package that includes Blogs, Link Building, and Referring Domains.</strong></em> I can't say enough good things about Blackbelt Commerce, Especially the quality of their blogs. Their writers do a huge amount of research to produce high-quality keyword articles specific to our field. I'll let the doctors review them and they are either good with everything in it or make minor changes that are specific to dental terminology. "

Developing a new website is challenging, but finding the right team to do it with is even more complex I'm really happy that we, through a recommendation from friends, got in touch with Cesar and his team with BlackbeltCommerce. Their ability to listen and understand our needs have been outstanding. The whole team is problem-solving and professional, no matter what customization we have required, the team has found a solution for it. We have now launched a site that not only works great, but generates an average order that's 80% higher than before, thanks to a custom-built bundle page that our customers really like. I'm looking forward to continuing to work with Cesar and his team and would definitely recommend them.

GoggleSocUSA Website desing Blackbeltcommerce

"Cesar, Andrei, and the team at BlackBelt Ecommerce are experts in their field. If you're looking for a Shopify website build or redevelopment project then look no further than these guys. Cesar is personable and a pleasure to work with, while his team completely understood our brief and then executed our vision effectively. We continue to work with the BlackBelt team and will do so as we grow our business into the future." Project Description Redesigned an established store in Shopify. The BlackbeltCommerce team created and implemented new DesignMocks for all pages, Implemented 3D Modeling, Integrated BoldApp Cashier w.multicurrency-Duplicated store fo. Europe and integrated Blackbelt's IP Country Selector. Also, provide ongoing support for the client.



Fully Custom Store - Design Develop by Blackbelt Commerce
"Blackbelt Commerce is a great team to work with. They developed a website for Judith Leiber that is beautiful and functional. They are extremely knowledgeable in terms of site design, functionality, and SEO. They guided us and educated us along the way and kept us informed of progress with weekly (sometimes even daily) phone calls. Blackbelt met all timelines and deadlines and kept within budget. They were very accommodating and responsive to changes in design and scope and would always make themselves available when issues arose.
Blackbelt ha estado disponible después del lanzamiento para asegurar que estamos satisfechos y que el sitio está funcionando como esperábamos. Continúan haciendo sugerencias sobre maneras de mejorar nuestro sitio y el compromiso del cliente.
We would highly recommend Blackbelt Commerce for all your website needs." Please check out our other Comentarios.
Página de aterrizaje para pelo facil sitio web hecho por los desarrolladores de Shopify

Buscas un Shopify Expert? No lo busques más, ya lo tienes en Blackbelt Commerce. Esta es mi cuarta página web, porqué la cuarta? Porque las primeras tres fueron un fiasco completo al tratar de hacerlas con desarrolladores web. Mi meta de este año era tener la mejor página web y mi primera mejor decisión fue decidirme por Shopify, ya definida la plataforma quería por supuesto no equivocarme, por eso hice la tarea muy juiciosa, leí uno a uno los expertos que me aconsejaba Shopify, cada uno de los reviews y entré a cada una de las páginas (sí, me tomó una semana el trabajo meticuloso) y lo que me hizo decidirme por Blackbelt fue esta frase tan directa: "Si estás de afán o con presupuesto ajustado, probablemente no somos la mejor compañía para tí" Y aunque mi presupuesto era limitado, yo quería lo mejor, por eso me arriesgué y pregunté (lo peor que podía suceder era que me tocara decir: No, gracias, no lo puedo pagar), y resulta que no era tan costoso como parecía y fue perfecto. No hay peor frustración que cuando un desarrollador, no entiende tu producto, y ellos lo entendieron, lo absorbieron, lo aprendieron, me aconsejaron y aunque mi directora de proyecto Sandra Telfer está geográficamente al otro lado de mi ubicación, encontramos el tiempo, trabajamos duro y el resultado obvio cuando todo es tan maravillosamente perfecto, es por supuesto una página por completo perfecta. Por favor, asegúrese de echar un vistazo a nuestro otro gran Comentarios.

Newell motocicleta revisión de Shopify Experts
Had a wonderful experience with Blackbelt Commerce. they were fantastic in all areas such as design, performance, and execution. highly recommend 100% . Wonderful service using base camp and great tool Please check out other great Comentarios.
Shopify Experts web Review

I absolutely can't say enough here about how great our experience working with Blackbelt Commerce was from beginning to end.... We had specific concepts for how we wanted our Shopify ecommerce site to look, function, and flow, and the BBC team worked step-in-step with us to deliver the visitor experience we'd envisioned. This included a custom fitting tool that needed to be coded from scratch, which they handled terrifically. Blackbelt Commerce is professional, responsive, and reasonable in cost. We look forward to continuing our partnership as our website evolves, and I recommend them with confidence. Por favor, asegúrese de echar un vistazo a nuestro otro gran Comentarios.

Página de aterrizaje de Yeltuor Website'a realizada por los expertos de Shopify

Blackbelt Commerce was extremely professional from start to finish. They were always prompt in their communication and provided valuable advice that guided us to an e-commerce solution we are proud of. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Blackbelt Commerce Por favor, echa un vistazo a nuestros otros Comentarios.

GB zapatillas de comercio electrónico sitio web creado por el comercio de banda negra Shopify expertos
In the past 3 years, before I found Blackbelt Commerce I used about 5 different companies to help me build my Shopify store. All 5 companies never cared about making my Shopify store the way I wanted, but instead, they just wanted to get paid. When I found Blackbelt Commerce my life changed. Cesar was the one who got me on board, and then Natalia always took care of me after. They knew what I was looking for and made sure I got what I needed in a timely manner. The most important thing for me besides quality work is communication. Blackbelt Commerce always picked up my phone calls and answered my emails in a timely manner. I am still using them for my current Shopify store that I launched and also I am using them for a new Shopify store which I am working on. I am very happy with them and will be using them forever. Thank You Blackbelt Commerce for an amazing continued partnership 🙂 I definitely would recommend them to anyone, even if it's for small things to get fixed on their website, or for large projects. I use them for everything relating to my online businesses 🙂
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