The homepage of Apiaria is designed to highlight its extensive collection of aesthetically pleasing products. The site offers a variety of items including art, jewelry, home decor, wine, and exclusive gifts. The design style is versatile, aiming to fit every customer’s unique aesthetic. The site is user-friendly, making it easy for visitors to shop and make purchases, with most home decor items shipped for free

The product page on Apiaria is elegantly designed, highlighting the artwork’s details.  detail information about the product, its price, and offers a call to action to add to the cart for an easy checkout process.  The page also provides the price, making it easy for potential buyers to make a purchase

The collections page lists the specific products on the collection selected and also we create the ability for the shopper to select from the key collections that the site offers. It is a clean design with an infinite list of products. At the end of the products in the collections it offers other key collections and how the whole process works.


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We worked closely with Steve, the business owner, and his team to create a unique Shopify online store that will allow him to sell his one of a kind curated products for Art deco. The project took some time to complete because we had to recreate their design to a new brand and identity, which in the end worked very well.  It was a pleasure to have worked with such a dynamic team.

Project Management:

– Dedicated Client Manager and Sr. Developer
– Organized Weekly updates with Store Owner and designer + Developer
— Transition to Client with Training
– Graphics creation


– Front end Development: Custom Navigation, Product pages, Collection pages, Blog
– CSS customization
– Graphics design
– Customize theme and pages specific landing pages for different products
– Dedicated Sr. Developer
– Implementation of the BlackbeltCommerce Cuatom app for client to be able to support its charities and their specialized pricing.