Partnership Guidelines

Interested in partnering with us, having us review or promote your app, or getting our opinion on something Shopify related?  Great! We’d love to help, and we really enjoy working with other companies who want to help Shopify business owners.  However, before you contact us, please keep the following guidelines in mind.  We’ve introduced these as the number of inquiries for apps, promotions and partnerships has grown, along with Shopify’s phenominal growth and our experiences as Shopify’s top-rated Experts.  Guidelines:Promoting Your Shopify App

  • We regularly receive requests to promote apps to our customers.  We will simply not do this if it’s not of benefit to them.  We say a polite ‘no thankyou’ to 99% of these requests.  For us to promote to our customers, it needs to really benefit them, be extremely easy to use and well documented.  We never just send out email blasts or bombard our customers saying ‘you should get this app’, as that wouldn’t be fair to them, and our customers wouldn’t like us if we did that.
  • As such, if you have a fantastic app, we’d love to hear about it, but please make sure it’s well formulated, well documented, and easy to understand.  You should be able to tell us in one sentence what your app does, and how it brings return on investment to Shopify businesses.

Partnering With Shopify Ninjas

In a similar vein to the above, we’re only interested in partnerships that will truly benefit everyone:  our customers (first of all), us as a company, and your team too.  Our customers come first.  We’re not interested in partnerships that will pay us a commission in return for unprofessional promotions, spammy marketing blasts or anything else that would compromise our integrity.  Please keep this in mind when contacting us about partnerships:  it needs to be win-win-win and truly professional.

General “site reviews”, “can I pick your brain” and other general requests

Unfortunately, we can’t do ‘general’ site reviews for free, nor give feedback on your app (generally, but you can try us!).  You can book a paid consulting session with us at our hourly rate if you’d like a professional opinion — to do that, just contact us.

Recommendations for proposing an app review, promotion, or partnership

When writing to us with a proposal, please keep it brief and to the point.  We will get back to you if we think it’s a good fit.  We love proposals that are:

  • Less than 4 paragraphs long.  Your app, partnership or proposal should clarify, very quickly, what it does and how it helps customers.
  • Well articulated.  If we have to dig into the back end of your app, look at code, or watch a 5-minute video to understand it, your app is not ready for public promotion or presentation to partners yet.  Keep at it!
  • We generally don’t need SEO services or offers to build websites for us.  Emails about these two, especially spammy ones, we aren’t able to respond to.

Thank you for helping us keep the quality high and the partnerships mutually beneficial.

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