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For Global Businesses: Multilingual Shopify Store

We take the hard work out of setting up a Shopify store in 3, 5 or even 10 languages.

Experience with 100+ Global Brands

Due to our expertise with the world’s first (and only) theme that caters to more than
one language, we’ve worked on hundreds of stores where different languages are of
the essence.

Support from a Multilingual Team

Our team speaks 7 languages. As such, we think we’re well placed to help you
create a beautiful, functional multilingual store that improves and supports your
growing business.

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There is no one ‘theme’ that will do more than 2 languages.

We use several different toolsets to bring together everything you need for a multilingual store. This includes the Shopify Admin, a Shopify
Theme, our own version of custom theme settings, and a particular Shopify App that we have tried-and-tested, and know to work well.


We set up your Wholesale Site for you. You can get on with running
your business instead of configuring the technical stuff.


We set up custom coding to ‘lock’ private sections of your store so
they are only visible to wholesalers.


After the setup is done, we pass full control of the admin panel
over to you to manage. You’ll control who is and isn’t accepted as
a wholesale customer by tagging them inside the Shopify admin.


Allocate different wholesale groups to receive varying discounts
based on their membershiptier. For ex: Bronze gets 10% off, Silver
gets 15% off, and Gold gets 20% off.


From custom menus, to order confirmations, we’ll update your
wholesale content to suit your audience.


Getting started can be overwhelming. We’ll be there to help with
your questions, so you can focus on your business, not on
complicated settings.

What’s included in the multilingual shopify store setup:

A Shopify store setup with 4 languages. All configuration. Inputting translations for 3 products, 3 pages, 3 menus. Payment
Gateway setup (so you can accept money), Email List Setup, Analytics, Theme Customisations, and up to 3 App Installations.

One of Shopify’s Top-Rated Experts

We’re one of the highest-rated Shopify Experts in the world, with over 95
positive reviews. Here’s what past clients have said aboutus. We’ve helped
hundreds of business grow – in some cases by up to 1000%. (That is not a typo).
We’d love to help you too.

The World’s Most Experienced Multingual Shopify Experts

We recognized the need for an easy-to-use theme that could serve store owners
with multiple audiences. Based on this, we created the first ever Bilingual Theme
(since retired), which helped hundreds of store owners around the world create
Shopify stores in over 12 languages. This is the kind of experience we bring to
the project when we help you create your multilingual store.

This service is for global brands that need more than 2 languages.

About Blackbelt Commerce

We’ve worked with Shopify for over 4 years, on over 250 Shopify
Stores. We’ve been involved in hundreds of businesses, and
helped many of them grow significantly. We can help you too.

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Wholesale Setup

Need a store in multiple languages? We’ve built bilingual and multi-lingual sites in over
12 languages, and spanning multiple regions. We can help you expand your Shopify
empire with a smooth, custom, multi-lingual Shopify store. A recent example: Progurt
(click “Shipping to:” up the top right, then a Spanish-speaking country such as Mexico,
for an example).

See more details here, or contact us for a free, no-obligation quote.

Any time that I have required assistance from Shopify Ninjas, they
have been friendly, helpful, prompt and successful in resolving my
issues/questions.Their bilingual theme is the only Shopify theme that
works for our institution, as we are federally mandated to have
absolutely everything in our two official languages, and it has been
a definite life saver for us!


We love working on projects involving multiple languages. We are language geeks
and very passionate about Shopify, business and other cultures.To get started, click on “Begin Your Multingual Site” below. You’ll find a lightning-quick
questionnaire which tells us about your project. We’ll put together a qutoation for
you and we could begin as soon as next week.

Of course, we always provide a fixed cost before getting started so there are no surprises.Questions? [email protected]


* Starting from $5,000, depending on your requirements. Most multingual stores range
between $5,000 – $10,000.

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