GB Sneakers – New York, NY

In the past 3 years, before I found Blackbelt Commerce I used about 5 different companies to help me build my Shopify store. All 5 companies never cared about making my Shopify store the way I wanted, but instead, they just wanted to get paid. When I found Blackbelt Commerce my life changed. Cesar was the one who got me on board, and then Natalia always took care of me after. They knew what I was looking for and made sure I got what I needed in a timely manner. The most important thing for me besides quality work is communication. Blackbelt Commerce always picked up my phone calls and answered my emails in a timely manner. I am still using them for my current Shopify store that I launched and also I am using them for a new Shopify store which I am working on. I am very happy with them and will be using them forever. Thank You Blackbelt Commerce for an amazing continued partnership 🙂 I definitely would recommend them to anyone, even if it’s for small things to get fixed on their website, or for large projects. I use them for everything relating to my online businesses 🙂

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