Ars Signum Jewelers

Well, I bought this (bilingual theme from Shopify Ninjas) because I needed a translation solution for my website, which is about to launch next month ( I was afraid of how much extra work would this theme require and if it would break anything!

But it was much easier than expected, it required some work but was affordable.
The theme itself works fine, it’s easy to translate, has many customization features, and it’s only limited by shopify itself (like not allowing to have two languages in the checkout process, which is not this theme’s fault but Shopify plataform fault instead).
Also the currency converter is a good addition, in the instructions seemed a little bit difficult (i am no programmer) but it wasn’t very hard to configure, and works wonders.
So I recommend this theme if you need to translate your store in an affordable way (affordable by cost and by the work you will need to put into it) I recommend it!
BUT the best part of this is not the theme itself…is the awesome support behind it! One of the best supports I ever had with anything, I needed them to help me fix or customize things which I couldn’t by myself, and they amazed me! 10/10

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