What are the Vital Elements of Good E-Commerce?

Websites are complex. They can be difficult to build, but a good website is key to landing sales and boosting brand awareness.

Your website needs to suit your company’s image. It also needs to work well, be user-friendly, and be optimized for search engines.

A lot of time and money goes into building a good e-commerce store. It is essential to bring on a Shopify expert. 

Creating an exceptional virtual e-commerce store is all about dealing with the basics. Once you have the basics down, you can make it unique. Then, you can tweak your e-commerce store for added personality.

We here at Blackbelt Commerce have created a guide on the vital elements you need. Read on for more information:

Great E-Commerce Website Design 

The first vital element of good e commerce is great design. Your e-commerce website needs to work seamlessly and have clear navigation.


Great design is essential for your online business. This is because if the users do not like the way it looks or have trouble with using your site, they will leave. You need your site to stand out, work well, and appeal to your demographic. 

How to Offer Great Site Design 

Offer great site design for your customers by working with a Shopify expert or e-commerce website designer. You will also want to:

1. Use a strong e-commerce platform 

2. Use a complementary theme 

3. Have it customized to your needs 

A Seamless Experience for Your E-Commerce Site

“User experience is everything. It always has been, but it’s still undervalued and under-invested in. If you don’t know user-centered design, study it. Hire people who know it. Obsess over it. Live and breathe it. Get your whole company on board.”

– Evan Williams


You want it to be easy to switch from desktop to mobile. You want products on social media to link up to your website. A seamless experience encourages users to engage with your company. Make sure your website is responsive on mobile.

Being optimized for smartphones also reaches more people. You can connect with younger generations, too.

How to Offer a Seamless Experience 

To offer this seamless experience you will want to: 

Be On All Major Social Media Platforms – Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest.

Optimize Your Presence – Make full use of the business features on these platforms.

Ensure Your Website is Responsive on Mobile – Your website needs to work on mobile to maximize social media conversions. 

An Engaging Blog and Newsletter 

An engaging blog and newsletter are great tools to get your customers to return. By providing their email or connecting with your brand on social media, they will more likely connect with you. 

Have a simple and easy-to-find subscribe button for visitors to find. Add incentive for them to sign-up for a newsletter by offering a discount code.


The reason why a great content strategy is so important is that it: 

1. Brings customers back 

2. Builds relationships 

3. Is great for SEO 

How to Offer Engaging Content

You can offer engaging content by: 

1. Creating in-depth content 

2. Creating engaging, dynamic content 

3. Working with feedback 

4. Keeping on top of trends 

Your content strategy won’t be perfect in the beginning. That is why you need to use analytics to see what works well and what doesn’t. Your content strategy should always improve. 

Exceptional E-Commerce Customer Service 

The most important element of good e-commerce is customer service. The best design in the world cannot compete with the human element. 


If a customer has a complaint, customer service is there to save the day. Customer service is there not only to answer any questions, but to show they care about each person. 

How to Offer Exceptional Customer Service 

To offer this exception customer service, you will want to: 

1. Have a Clear-Cut Returns Policy (If Applicable) 

If your customers cannot find this information, they will not buy the product. Buying online always has a certain risk. By having a free returns policy you can encourage new customers to buy from you. 

2. OR: Have a Short Trial Period 

If your online business sells a program or a service, offer a free trial period or a free consultation. 

3. Make it Easy to Be In Control of Their Account 

New companies can gain their customers’ trust by making it easy to be in control of their account and the information they provide. For subscriptions, you will want to offer an easy way to cancel. 

4. Be Prompt With All Messages 

If someone makes a complaint, asks you a question, or even has a suggestion, respond to them as soon as possible. This is especially true if they contacted you through social media. 

5. Keep Track of Your Customers 

You should always know what a customer has purchased in the past and other key information. This will make dealing with complaints easier. 

6. Offer Personalized Discounts and Reminders 

To get customers to return, send out personalized emails and discounts. If they forgot to checkout, remind them of the item. If it’s their birthday, give them a special discount to reward them for being a great customer. 

7. Collaborate with Micro-Influencers 

The use of big-name influencers is dead. Instead, find micro-influencers who have fewer followers, but a stronger community. That way your influencer marketing will actually work. 

8. Use Feedback Given to You 

If users give you feedback, take it. If they see a problem with your site, then the best Shopify developers on the job to fix it. 

To succeed online you need a strong foundation. This includes great design, great features, and great customer service. Don’t try to create such a website on your own. Instead, hire Shopify experts to set up your website for you. This way you can focus on improving the customer experience and building brand loyalty. 

“There is a powerful driving force inside every human being that, once unleashed, can make any vision, dream, or desire a reality.”

-Anthony Robbins

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