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Blackbelt Commerce Shopify Experts

Actionable advice to improve your Shopify website, delivered in plain English.

We'll review your site and provide you a 2-3 page report in a Google Document, with an accompanying video screencast, in 3 business days.  You can use these insights to make changes yourself, or hire a developer to make them for you.

We don't hold back, and you should be prepared for honest, thoughtful, actionable feedback.  


We've done some of these 'teardown' analyses in public.  Here are three examples of the kinds of insights, actions and reports you can expect from our "Website Teardown" review service:

Teardown example 1: Love That Bag (click to view)
Teardown example 2: The Scrubba (click to view)
Teardown example 3: (click to view)

We'll create a similar action-oriented, clear, easy-to-follow action plan for your business.

Ready to take action?

Click the button below to book your place for our Website Teardown Analysis.  Within 3 business days, we'll send you an email with a link to your report and video screencast.  Here's an example of the kind of detailed, action-oriented advice you'll receive.  

Ready to go?  We look forward to working with you.