Things to Ask Yourself When Upgrading a Website

Designing a website is easy. Designing a website well is another story. That is why it is best when you are setting out to design your store a website that you use Shopify experts to get the job done for you. Even with their expertise, however, it is still important to know what makes a website great. 

UN Shopify developer can give you exactly what you ask for, what they recommend, or a mixture of the two. Upgrading your website, however, can be a bit more of a challenge. You will want to audit through your site and understand the problems it has intimately before contacting a Shopify website developer. 

Understanding your problem areas is one of the best ways to direct Shopify web developers so that not only can they help you revamp your site, but you know for a fact that all the problem areas are being covered. 

A deep-audit is essential, so the experts at Blackbelt Commerce have compiled a trusty guide for you. Read on for more information.

Is My Site Optimized for SEO? 

SEO is a great focus to have when auditing a website because optimizing a site for search engines has two benefits. It:

  1. Improves your search ranking 
  2. Improves user experience 

To start, you will want to know the trending SEO strategies and how you can implement them into your site. You will also want to cover your bases. 

“My rule of thumb is build a site for a user, not a spider.”

– Dave Naylo

Is It Fast? 

A reported 53% of mobile users will abandon a site if the page in question takes more than three seconds to load. Even sites that take up to five seconds to load benefit from 70% longer user sessions and a 35% reduction in their bounce rate. 

Is It Secure?

Security is paramount. You want to provide all the latest security features, update those features regularly, and refrain from keeping sensitive data. 

Is It Easy to Use? 

Navigation is a big issue for both SEO algorithms and users. If your site is not easy to use you will lose users and have issues with improving your search ranking.  

Examples of issues concerning links and pages include: 

  • Links that don’t go anywhere 
  • Pages that are not linked to your site 
  • Page links that don’t work 
  • Links that are sent to a spam site 
  • Pages that have hidden black hat SEO tactics 

You will want to go through your entire structure to ensure that your website is lean and all links are fully functional and go internally or to quality sites. 

Is the Content Optimized? 

Content itself is critical. Is your content optimized for SEO? Do you have an updated blog? 

What is Holding My Site Back from a Good Conversion Rate? 

“First impressions are critical online, which means you have about 5 seconds to tell your visitor who you are, what you do, convey to them that you’re credible and trustworthy, and help them find a product they can’t live without.”

– Casandra Campbell

Improving your site with SEO in mind is great, but it won’t be enough to reduce your bounce rate and improve your conversion rate. That is why you need to ask yourself: 

Is Your Keyword Research on Point? 

If you pay for PPC marketing, you want your keywords to be on point. If it’s not, a user will click your add then click away because your site is not what they were looking for. 

Is Your Home Page Missing Something? 

Similarly, you need to ensure your home page has: 

  • Great visuals 
  • A header for Your Brand 
  • A sub header explaining your brand 
  • Content related to your marketing 
  • An easy to use infrastructure

When you hire Shopify expert, be sure to go over your marketing campaign and keyword research, so they can help you optimize your home page for greater conversions. 

Is There an Issue With Your Checkout Process? 

Double-check there is no issue with your checkout. If there isn’t and baskets are still being abandoned, try: 

  • Emails reminding customers of their abandoned basket 
  • Offering a discount 

Am I Doing Enough to Outdo My Competition? 

A great website is fine, but it needs to be better than your competition. When you hire the best Shopify developers you will have a leg up, but you will also want to ensure you know top trends and how they can be used on your site. 

Is My Site Engaging and Fresh? 

You can try adding: 

  • Personalization 
  • The ability to personalize products 
  • Interactivity 

Do My Customers Know What Makes Me Different? 

State what makes you different and find new ways to stand out. Make your uniqueness work for you. 

Is My Site Mobile-Friendly? 

There are over 2.5 billion smartphone users and counting. Your site needs to be responsive and beautiful on both desktop and mobiles. This could mean offering a different experience on each. A slimmed-down navigation bar or a slide-out filter option, for example. 

Is My Site Ready for the Future? 

If your site cannot easily be updated to include future trends, it is not sustainable. Always choose options that will continue to be updated to allow for future updates. 

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