Shopify Payments Launches In Australia

By Cesar Beltran
SHOPIFY PAYMENTS LAUNCHES IN AUSTRALIA created by the best Shopify experts

Been waiting for Shopify Payments to launch in Australia?  Today’s your lucky day.  Below is the official announcement from Shopify, edited slightly by me:

Today Australia joins the US, the UK, and Canada in offering Shopify Payments. This is a highly requested, 0% transaction fee payment gateway. Merchants can use Shopify Payments alongside alternative gateways including PayPal.

Here are some reasons why you might like Shopify Payments:

  • 0% transaction fees!
  • Lower credit card rates
    • Domestic: 1.75% + 30c (Basic), 1.6% +30c (Pro), 1.4% + 30c (Unlimited)
    • International & Amex: 2.9% + 30c (Basic), 2.8% + 30c (Pro), 2.7% +30c (Unlimited)
  • Merchant payouts in three days. As an example, Stripe generally only offers seven-day payouts in Australia.
  • Stripe Australia users will be able to transfer their accounts over to Shopify Payments using a ‘one-click migration page.’ All reports will appear in the store admin. Shopify Payments will handle any automated chargebacks.

New Shopify stores will get a Shopify Payment account on sign up. They have the option to change.

Can I use the Australian Shopify Payments to settle into a US bank account, or vice-versa?

At this point, no. If you have a USA bank account, you’d need a US Shopify Payments account.  If you have an Australian Bank Account, you’d need an Australian Shopify Payments Account.

AUS Shopify Payments would only be available as an option on stores that have an AUS Business Address. This is set in the Admin.  Stores with a USA address would have Shopify Payments as an option, but it would be in USD.

Grab all the details here >>


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