Wholesale Shopify Setup Service: Help From An Expert?

By Cesar Beltran

Let's Setup Your Store for Wholesale Orders


Based on a steadily growing demand for wholesale features on Shopify stores, we now offer a setup service to take the pain out of setting up the (often complex) requirements on Shopify.

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What’s Involved In Setting up Wholesale On Shopify?

The recommendations given by Shopify are fairly rudimentary, including using discount codes. Most serious businesses need a more robust solution than this.

Having set up wholesale for some of the biggest businesses on Shopify including Nancy Mac, House Of Tees and Status Anxiety, we’re intimately familiar with the questions asked by store owners (like you) when it comes to setting up this new service

Common Questions Are:

  • Can I offer custom pricing (e.g. $10 off or 5% off)?
  • Can I show custom content, like special protected PDFs or pages, to only selected customers?
  • How do I set all of this up? An App? Multiple Apps? Custom coding?
  • Should I start a separate store, or build it into my existing Shopify store?
  • Can I group customers to reward them and encourage bigger orders, like Bronze 5% off, Silver 10% off, and Gold 10% off?

The questions are many, and we can use our experience in over 400 Shopify stores, to help you grow your wholesale business.

To do this, we launched a setup service to answer the most common questions and help you get up and running quickly. You can see the details here, and tell us all about your project if you’d like to reserve your setup.


Thank you for showing interest in our Shopify Insider Blog @ Blackbelt Commerce. Please make sure to check out our services. We also have some top blog recommendations for you to check out; Shopify Vs. Magento, shopify image: gallery, the ultimate guide on the shopify Apps, total products in a shopify store,  and Shopify Radio Talk.  As always, keep a lookout for new blog posts.

Questions? Ask away in the comments and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.

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    Need a Bilingual Theme, is there a theme and price for such a theme. how can i purchase that?
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