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Have Wholesale customers and need to offer them special pricing or content?  Worried it will be too complicated to differentiate pricing for your wholesale customers? 
Setting up wholesale Shopify sites is one of our specialties.  We've set up flexible, robust systems for some of the biggest players on Shopify, and we can help you too.
We set up custom pricing,  and make it easy for you to show protected content to eligible customers.
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How does it work?

We use a combination of an app and custom coding to enable wholesale on your existing store. 

Customer Tags. 
Every customer tagged with "Wholesale" will be able to see specific portions of your site. This allows all your Wholesale-specific pricing and content to be accessible only by your Wholesale customers.

To do this, we provide a Wholesale Login form as part of the setup. Only once users have logged in, will they be able to view the Wholesale version of your site. 

Need custom menus on your Wholesale site? 

We've got you covered. We can customize the private, Wholesale version of your store to display different menus than the retail site, to better suit your Wholesale audience.

We're experts. Check out our latest Wholesale projects to see live examples. 

Recent Wholesale Store Setups by Blackbelt Commerce: Status Anxiety, Nancy MacHouse of Tees

One of Shopify's Top-Rated Experts

We're one of the highest-rated Shopify Experts in the world, with over 95 positive reviews.  Here's what past clients have said about us.  We've helped hundreds of business grow - in some cases by up to 1000%.  (That is not a typo).  We'd love to help you too.

Grow Your Business With Wholesale

Integrating Wholesale orders into your site can grow your business overnight. If you're looking to add Wholesalers to your customer base, stop waiting! 

We make it easy to segment your Wholesale customers and provide the specific content necessary to convert those large orders. 

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