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Ever had a question about your Shopify or needed help – only to be turned away by developers who won’t answer anything without a contract?

Ever hit a dead-end with Shopify’s default support which, while good, only goes so far? That’s why we created the world’s first-ever Shopify Support Program. To give existing store owners someone they can turn to for ad-hoc support and get real answers.

"It gives us comfort to know we can get this kind of support at a fixed cost, and means small things can be addressed straight away rather than saving them up for part of a bigger project.  Super easy transition, a clear system, and it's so easy to raise support requests.  They're acknowledged quickly and we can keep track of everything.  Every request has been resolved within 48 hours.
- Nicolle , Cultiver.com

With this program, we will:

  • Answer your questions and requests within 24 hours*. Forget waiting days for a scripted answer. With our helpful support team, you’ll have your questions answered before you can say “woah, another sale just came in!”.

    *Business days, Sydney timezone

  • Make changes to your Shopify store when you need them.
    Have a niggling formatting issue you wanted fixed? Need that menu’s font changed? Little changes like these are easy for us to help you with, and can save you hours of Googling and/or hundreds of dollars in development time.

  • Provide a guiding hand with technical stuff like themes, apps, payment gateways and analytics.
    It can be hard to know where to get started – we live and breathe Shopify, so can save you hours of research and learning curve.

  • Do basic maintenance.
    Common tasks include changing products’ pricing, explaining bulk product imports using CSV files, creating a “View Only” product page template, or changing fonts on your store.

    Whatever the question, we’re on call to make your life easier.


    Why This Program?

    1. To help our clients focus on what they do best.
    Running their business – not on fixing small issues or Googling endlessly to fix a problem.

    2. Guaranteed availability.
    Because we work on a lot of projects, we sometimes found ourselves unable to help as quickly as we’d like, with existing clients’ questions. We developed this paid program to guarantee you can reach us and make it feasible for us to help.

    Because we’ll only be recruiting a small number of clients for this program, we'll be dedicating our all to getting stuff done as quickly as possible.

    Who is this program for?
    Business owners who have an existing Shopify store and need ongoing help, and/or want the piece of mind that they have someone they can trust to answer questions when they need it.

    How it works
    1. Join our Shopify Support Program
    2. Email us directly or schedule a call* with your question or maintenance request
    3. We’ll raise an official ticket so you can track your request through to completion
    4. We get ‘er done, keep you updated, and/or point you in the right direction.

    (*Depending on your plan. Calls are included in the Enterprise Plan, scheduled in advance.)

    What’s Included In The Program?
    This program is to support questions, requests that are small in nature but complicated for non-developers to execute, and basic maintenance.

    Think 30-minute fixes. It is not suitable for larger-scale development projects – but we can talk to you about those separately if you need.

    Things that ARE included in our scope of support:

    Admin related stuff like:
    - How do I change my payment gateway?
    - Why are my reports showing like this?
    - How can I see into my analytics at a deeper level?
    - How do I add Google Analytics Tracking code to my store?
    - What can I do to improve my SEO?
    - Setting up GST (for Australian businesses)
    - Formatting changes like changing or adding new fonts, button colours, adding a new shipping banner to the top of your store, moving things around on your website, changing wording in the checkout section of your Shopify store.
    - Recommendations for technical stuff, like switching themes, backing up your data, Shopify Apps, tax setup, and legal information. 

    What is NOT included in the scope of support:

    - In-depth web development, such as creating an entire store, building a theme, or doing heavy modifications to a theme.

    - Adding extra custom features to your store. (If there’s a way we can point you to resources so you can set this up yourself, we’re happy to do that if that’s what you prefer. Of course, if you’d like for us to add extra features, we can do that via our custom development services).


    Ready to join us?  Click the "join" button at the top right of this page, and you'll instantly be a part of our small group of Premium Support clients.

    (Monthly billing cycle.  Cancel any time.)

    Questions? We're just an email away.  support@blackbeltcommerce.com